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Oak Timber News and Views

What foundations do oak structures need?

The Ultimate Guide to Gazebo and Pergola Foundations

Is Oak The Best Timber For A Garden Structure?

Is oak the best timber for a garden structure? It is one of the most loved timbers, but can it really be the best timber for a garden structure?' Read more...

Weatherproofing an Oak Structure: Do You Really Need It?

Whether you're waterproofing your structure yourself or your builder is, find out in this article what to expect when waterproofing an Oak structure. Read more...

Buying an Oak Timber Structure: All you need to know

Everything you need to know when buying an Oak Timber Structure. Read more...

What To Expect With Your Oak Structure

In this article, we'll put you at ease and highlight the natural changes facing oak timber structures. See, shrinking, colour change, and cracks are part of the natural ageing of oak. Read more...

Maintaining Your Oak Structure

How do you maintain one of our oak structures? Read more...

Designer Upgrades

We've made some big improvements to our 3D designers, check out our latest article for more information on what we've been up to! Read more...

The state of British industry and how it affects OakTimberStructures

OakTimberStructures holds its own against the huge demand on the British trade industry Read more...

Holiday Savings For Home Improvement

Home improvement is becoming wildly popular due to the uncertainty of travel overseas. Read more...

Oak Garden Office

Due to lockdowns, people currently working from home are struggling with their work-life balances. An Oak Garden Office is the perfect solution. Read more...

Sentinel Business Awards

OTS Shortlisted for the Sentinel Business Awards.

Oak Garden Buildings

We at Oak timber structures are specialists in Oak garden buildings like Pergolas, Arches, Gazebos and Garden Rooms. Read more...

Oak Wedding Gazebos

Oak Wedding and Bridal Gazebos

Build Your Own Oak Garden Rooms

We have now improved our online garden room section. Rather than just being able to choose from set sizes and thickness of posts, you now have much more control to design your own. Read more...

Oak Trusses Structural Benefits and Aesthetic Pleasure

At Oak Timber Structures Oak Trusses have a very special place in our hearts as they were the first products that we started to sell online. Read more...

Oak Pergolas for All Occasions

Oak Pergolas are not just structures that are to be built in the middle of a field or garden and left to be observed and admired from a distance. Read more...

Oak Gazebo Designer Upgrade

Our 3D Oak Gazebo Designer is now better than ever. Read more...

Upgrade your garden with an Oak Gazebo

With fewer people moving house for various reasons at the moment, homeowners are looking to improve their existing properties, with gardens offering a large potential in terms of usable space. Read more...