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Oak Timber News and Views

Oak Carports: Protected Vehicles and Lavishly Stylish

Learn how oak carports safeguard your cars from rain, sun, and debris. Discover the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality with our carport kits. Read more...

What is a Luxury Pergola Kit? Everything You Need to Know

What makes our kit form oak pergolas so special? Learn about the components, easy assembly, cost savings, and customization options for stunning outdoor spaces. Read more...

Oak Venue Gazebos For Pubs and Restaurants: A Shrewd Investment

Find out what makes an Oak Venue Gazebo so valuable to pub and restaurant owners. Read more...

The Purposes and Perks of Oak Verandas & Lean Tos: A Comparison with Pergolas

Explore the distinctions and benefits of Oak Verandas, Lean Tos & Pergolas. Click to learn more about creating your perfect space! Read more...

The Art of Garden Pathways

Discover the art of garden pathways and enhance your landscape with Oak Arches Read more...

Oak Swings: Why They're More Than Luxurious Garden Furniture

Unlock the secrets of oak swings beyond garden furniture. Explore surprising emotional & physical benefits that redefine the potential of an oak swing. Read more...

Pergolas for Small Spaces: The Truth About Making The Most of Small Gardens

Discover ideas for small gardens and how you can incorporate a pergola into limited garden spaces. Read more...

Designing Your Dream Oak Framed Garage: Tips for Customisation

Discover the Art of Customizing Your Oak-Framed Garage with Expert Tips. From Design Options to Unique Features, Craft Your Dream Garage Today. Read more...

How To Choose The Right Garden Gazebo To Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Space

Discover the perfect oak garden gazebo for your outdoor space. Explore various shapes, sizes, roof styles, and more in this helpful guide. Read more...

Sustainability and Style: The Environmental Benefits of Oak Timber Structures

Are Oak structures environmentally friendly? Absolutely, but their sustainability depends on proper practices. Learn more about our efforts to maintain an eco-friendly approach. Read more...

How to Decorate Your Oak Porch for Maximum Curb Appeal

Unlock customer-inspired tips for enhancing your oak porch decor. Read on and discover how to decorate your oak porch for maximum curb appeal. Read more...

Need To Know Oak Structure Roofing Options: A Simplified Guide

Discover what options you have with your oak timber structures roof. Read more...

How To Set Up Your Home Office For Peak Productivity

How do you achieve maximum productivity when working from home? Read more...

Top 5 Tools for building an Oak Structure

Amongst all of the kit of the market for oak framing, there are some essentials. Read on to find out what we feel are the top 5! Read more...

Does A Gazebo Add Value to Your Home? The Soaring Truth

Looking to add value to your home? A gazebo may be the perfect solution. Learn why here. Read more...

14 Really Epic Uses For An Oak Garden Room

Looking for a new garden room but stuck for ideas on the what to do with it? Be inspired with our 14 unique ideas for your garden room Read more...

Keeping up with your new year resolutions

How can we help you keep to your new years resolution in 2023? Read more...

New Product! L Shape Gazebos

Oak Timber Structures - Designer Upgrades - L Shape Gazebo's Read more...

Solid Oak Lychgates: Not Just For Churches

Everything you need to know about our solid oak lychgates Read more...

Why Does Your Wedding Venue Need an Epic Oak Gazebo

Enhance your wedding venue with a glorious solid oak gazebo. Read more...

Why your hot tub needs a luxurious oak gazebo

Find out all of the great benefits of an oak gazebo for your hot tub Read more...

What Is A Kit Form Oak Structure?

We dive into our kit form structures and describe exactly what that means. Read more...

What Cladding Is Best For An Oak Structure?

A complete guide to cladding on your outdoor structure Read more...

Should You Use Air-Dried or Green Oak For A Truss: Exploring The Big Differences

The difference between Air-Dried and Green Oak is striking. Before you use Air Dried or Green Oak for a truss. Pick the right wood for the job. Read more...

What foundations do oak structures need?

The Ultimate Guide to Gazebo and Pergola Foundations

Is Oak The Best Timber For A Garden Structure?

Is oak the best timber for a garden structure? It is one of the most loved timbers, but can it really be the best timber for a garden structure?' Read more...

Weatherproofing an Oak Structure: Do You Really Need It?

Whether you're waterproofing your structure yourself or your builder is, find out in this article what to expect when waterproofing an Oak structure. Read more...

Buying an Oak Timber Structure: All you need to know

Everything you need to know when buying an Oak Timber Structure. Read more...

What To Expect With Your Oak Structure

In this article, we'll put you at ease and highlight the natural changes facing oak timber structures. See, shrinking, colour change, and cracks are part of the natural ageing of oak. Read more...

Maintaining Your Oak Structure

How do you maintain one of our oak structures? Read more...

Designer Upgrades

We've made some big improvements to our 3D designers, check out our latest article for more information on what we've been up to! Read more...

The state of British industry and how it affects OakTimberStructures

OakTimberStructures holds its own against the huge demand on the British trade industry Read more...

Holiday Savings For Home Improvement

Home improvement is becoming wildly popular due to the uncertainty of travel overseas. Read more...

Oak Garden Office

Due to lockdowns, people currently working from home are struggling with their work-life balances. An Oak Garden Office is the perfect solution. Read more...

Sentinel Business Awards

OTS Shortlisted for the Sentinel Business Awards.

Oak Garden Buildings

We at Oak timber structures are specialists in Oak garden buildings like Pergolas, Arches, Gazebos and Garden Rooms. Read more...

Oak Wedding Gazebos

Oak Wedding and Bridal Gazebos

Build Your Own Oak Garden Rooms

We have now improved our online garden room section. Rather than just being able to choose from set sizes and thickness of posts, you now have much more control to design your own. Read more...

Oak Trusses Structural Benefits and Aesthetic Pleasure

At Oak Timber Structures Oak Trusses have a very special place in our hearts as they were the first products that we started to sell online. Read more...

Oak Pergolas for All Occasions

Oak Pergolas are not just structures that are to be built in the middle of a field or garden and left to be observed and admired from a distance. Read more...

Oak Gazebo Designer Upgrade

Our 3D Oak Gazebo Designer is now better than ever. Read more...

Upgrade your garden with an Oak Gazebo

With fewer people moving house for various reasons at the moment, homeowners are looking to improve their existing properties, with gardens offering a large potential in terms of usable space. Read more...