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Oak Framed Lean-To / Oak Framed Veranda - Oak Timber Structures

Expertly Crafted Oak Structures
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Bespoke, Oak Framed Lean-To / Oak Framed Veranda - Any Shape or Size

A beautiful solid oak lean-to supplied in kit form for simple assembly by your builder. Build your lean-to below or contact us with your bespoke requirements.

Clearance: L: W:
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See this lean-to in your own garden. Click here to upload your own photograph.
Lean-To Size
Width and Length are the bottom footprint sizes
(Outside of post to outside of post)
3 x 3m
6 x 3m
9 x 3m
12 x 3m
* Custom
Front Clearance:

Rear Height:

Post Settings | Mono Trusses
Rear Posts
No Rear Posts
Normal Posts
Staddle Stones
Into Ground
No Trusses
Mono Trusses
Rafters & Plates
No. of Rafters:

Recommended No.
of Rafters:

Overhang each side:
Standard overhang is 0.5m
Min: 0m - Max: 1m

Boarding | Battens | Roofing

If you are glazing the roof, we recommend spacers between the rafters - please contact us if this is the case.

No battens
No shingles

Your Lean-Tos Specification

Frame Cost £
Total excluding VAT: £
Total including VAT: £

How To Use The 3D Oak Veranda Designer

Lean-to Size

Control explanation - Lean-to Size


You can choose from our standard bay ranges and sizes or you can select the custom option which allows you to input the width and length as well as the total number of bays you want. The number of bays you can input depends on the size of your Veranda as each bay needs to be between 1m and 4m long.


The size controls allow you to adjust the front clearance and the rear height of the structure. This helps you to reach up to the part of the building you’re leaning against as well as adjusting the angle of the roof to a steeper or shallower decline.

Post Settings | Mono Trusses

Control explanation - Lean-to Post Settings

Rear Posts

This option allows you to decide whether you want rear posts or not. When the structure has rear posts it is free standing so you are less limited on where it goes. If you decide against rear posts you will have to fix the structure to a wall.


The "Thickness" control allows you to choose the section sizes of your posts and headplate. We offer square sections of 150mm, 175mm and 200mm.


There are multiple options for the feet of your posts, you can choose to have them going into the ground, sat on staddle stones (provided to match your posts) or have normal posts if you want to choose you own feet. For example you can buy metal shoes to fix to the base or you can stand them on metal rods that are concreted into the ground.

Mono Truss

If you choose, we can provide mono trusses for your lean-to on top of every post. This is for both structural and aesthetic benefit.

Rafters & Plates

Control explanation - Lean-to Rafters & Plates


You can choose how you want the ends of your rafters and headplate finishing. You can either leave them square or have them chamfered, rounded or carved into an Ornate profile.


You can choose the overhang of your wallplate and headplate, up to 1m either side of the end posts. The more you overhang the more room there is for extra rafters if you want them.

Boarding | Battens | Roofing

Control explanation - Lean-to Boarding | Battens | Roofing

Unlike a pergola which has a flat roof, you do have the option with these structures to have a roof on your frame.


If you don’t want to look up and see battens and the underside of your shingles you can choose to see Larch, Cedar or Oak boarding instead.


You can choose between softwood and Oak fixing battens. The Oak battens are only normally used if they are seen.


We can also provide cedar shingles (either treated or untreated). The treated are slightly darker in colour, although over time both sets will fade to a silver grey colour.

All our verandas are:
Made from hand-selected, expertly crafted oak
Planed all round for a smooth finish
Made of high quality Fresh Sawn Oak
Flat-packed for easy assembly
Currently on an approximate 7 - 9 weeks (from drawing sign off) lead time
50% deposit on checkout. Balance payment due approx. 1 week before delivery.

Expertly Crafted Oak Lean-Tos

Our Oak Framed Lean-Tos are hand crafted, ready for you to assemble on site without the need of a joiner. All the mortise and tenons are in place with pre-drilled holes for the Oak pegs which tie the frame together. All you need in addition are stainless steel screws to secure the rafters.

These frames are ideal to go up against buildings, whether that’s your house, garage or other outbuilding, and can either support themselves or be made to “lean” against a wall. Where there are no rear posts the headplate is fixed to the wall in question and if there are mono trusses, they are built to go into the wall in similar fashion to the rear of a canopy style porch.

Our Lean-To’s / Oak Verandas are similar to Pergolas with the main difference being the slanted roof. This allows you to optionally add boarding, battens and shingles to your structure so the water can run off them.

We can make these Lean-Tos to any size or shape you like as they are all built bespoke to order. The available combinations on the website are only a fraction of what we can do, so if you need something different, please don’t hesitate to ask.

We can also supply Oak feather edge cladding as a siding if you require, however they are often left open sided or with canvas sidings (which can be sourced elsewhere).

These oak verandas are provided flat-packed in kit form for you or your builder to put together.

All of the woodwork is already done, so most people hire general builders to construct them, rather than carpenters. Because of the weight of the oak, people will usually hire one or more Genie Lifts to hold the oak in place while constructing the lean-to. (The above link is to a generic Genie Lift. Please check the heaviest piece of your structure with us to make sure you hire a strong enough lift.)

Receive our detailed PDF

We've put together a booklet of detailed answers to our most commonly asked questions. A perfect in-depth read about buying your oak structure from us.

Click here for our booklet

How Your Oak Lean-To Will Arrive

Your veranda will arrive in kit form packaged like the following:

" It looks fabulous and we are really happy with it. Thank you. "
- Mr. Martin Clunes - English Actor & Television Presenter

Oak Lean-Tos in All Shapes and Sizes

Because our oak verandas are all bespoke, we can make any shape and size for you. Here are a few photographs of some recent pergolas.

How To Order Your Oak Lean-To

If the exact lean-to you want is available above, you can place your order securely on this website (View your price), or call us to place your order.

If you'd like something bespoke, give us a call (01889 597283) or send an email with your requirements and we can give you a fixed quote.

The Oak Timber Structures ordering process is then:

  1. When you are ready to proceed, place your order online or over the 'phone with us on 01889 597283.
  2. We create a computer design to your exact requirements. This takes 2 or 3 working days. We can change the design at this stage if required until you're happy. Many people consult their builder at this point to double check everything.
  3. You approve the drawings and we put your structure into production. It is from this point that our quoted lead time begins. During this time, many people use the approved drawings to get all of their groundworks in place.
  4. When your oak structure is ready, we ask for the balance of the payment and then arrange delivery with you.
Ask us anything: 01889 597283