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Oak Framed Swings - Oak Timber Structures

Expertly Crafted Oak Structures
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Bespoke, Solid Oak Swing - Any Shape or Size

At Oak Timber Structures, we supply bespoke oak swings crafted by our skilled artisans to the highest standards. We deliver your oak swing as a kit, ready for assembly.

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Oak Swing Design



inside of post to inside of post.
Braces and Profiling
Straight Braces
Curved Braces
Seat | Rope | Eye Bolts
No Seat
0.75m Seat
1.1m Seat
No Rope

Also includes galvanised thimble and shackle.

No Eye Bolts
Eye Bolts

Two holes drilled in top beam for eye bolts.

Maximum Load per Swing: 140Kg

Pre-approved by a Structural Engineer

Complies with BS EN 1176-1 Children's Playground Equipment

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All our swing are:
Bespoke and made to your required dimensions and specifications.
Made from hand-selected high-quality fresh sawn oak.
Complete with carpentry performed by our skilled artisans.
Flat-packed and delivered for easy assembly.
Pre-approved by a structural engineer and capable of a maximum load of 140kg per swing.
Currently have an approximate 5 - 7 weeks (from drawing sign off) lead time

Expertly Made Solid Oak Swing

Oak Swings are ideal for private and public gardens. Bespoke, stylish and fully customisable, an oak swing would be an ideal addition to your garden.

We craft every oak swing to your specifications. You can customise the swing using the 3D oak swing designer. Here you'll find controls to alter the style, size, brace types and profile of the beams.

After the order, and before we get to work creating your swing, we'll produce CAD drawings for you to sign off once you’re happy. This ensures that you get precisely what you want. This is the best time to make amendments and changes to the design as we can revise the drawings and send them back for approval.

We'll then create the swing and send it in kit form to the desired location for you to assemble. All joinery work is complete, so it slots together with ease. If required, the package can include a seat, chain, rope and bolts.

Receive our detailed PDF

We've put together a booklet of detailed answers to our most commonly asked questions. A perfect in-depth read about buying your oak structure from us.

Click here for our booklet

General photographs kindly sent in from previous clients:

Using the Swing Controls

There are controls on the oak swing designer to sculpt its characteristics. Here, we'll talk through each control and discuss how each control shapes your oak swing.

Swing Style

The swing style control has three main types of swings. These are:

  • Swing Style 1: This style of swing has two stands with braces connecting from the stands to the upright posts. For further stability, we place two more braces between the top plate and upright posts.
  • Swing Style 2: The second style has enlarged braces, which function as the swing stands. Braces meet the upright posts at a higher point and connect at a diagonal angle. This style also includes extra braces between tie-beam and upright posts.
  • Swing Style 3: This style only has braces on the upper part of the structure. There is extra length on the upright posts to secure them into the ground using concrete.


The size control allows you to change the dimensions of your swing. We take measurements from inside post to inside post.

  • Width The width control adjusts the horizontal span of the swing structure. 2.2m is the narrowest, while a width of 3.0m is the widest.
  • Overhang: Overhang relates to the tie beam, this component is the horizontal beam on top of the swing structure. By increasing the overhang, you can make the tie beam extend beyond the upright posts. Or, by setting it at 0m, there's no overhang.
  • Clearance: The clearance is the height from ground to underside of the top plate. This can measure between 2.1m and 3.0m.

Contact us if you need any sizes outside the capabilities of the 3D swing designer.


The thickness control adjusts the cross-section diameter of posts and tie beams. The options are 175mm and 200mm.

Which you choose has no bearing on stability. Yet, you can find larger swings correspond with the larger thickness better. Nevertheless, it's up to you and what you find appealing.


You can choose between straight or curved braces. This applies to the smaller braces that join the posts to the top plate and the stands of style 1.


The profile relates to the decorative cut at the end of tie beams and the stands of swing style 1.

There are four different styles of profile:

  • Square A square profile is a straight cut, leaving profiles levelled. Even with this right angle profile, we'll sand the end for a smooth finish.
  • Round: Chamfered profiles have been cut at a 45-degree angle.
  • Round: We shape round profiles so there's a curvature to the end of tie beams. With a circular end, this profile offers a smooth aesthetic.
  • Ornate: Ornate is the most decorative with detailed shaping at the end of the tie beams.

Seat Size

We can supply an oak seat with your swing. There are two different seat sizes:

  • 750mm x 270mm x 44mm
  • 1100mm x 270mm x 44mm
  • Select 'No Seat' if you wish to supply your own.

Supplied Rope

We can also supply a durable rope for your swing.

We supply 24mm thick synthetic polyhemp rope. The rope is waterproof, rot proof, doesn't shrink and has a maximum breaking load of 7000kgs (7 tonnes).

When including rope to your swing design, we'll supply two ropes to sit on each side of the seat. Which includes the galvanised thimbles and shackles.

Alternatively, you can source your own rope or chains by selecting 'No Rope’.

Supplied Eye Bolts

When selecting eye bolts, we'll supply stainless steel eye bolts that will enable you to hang your seat. We'll pre-drill the holes for easy assembly and seat attachment.

Should you want to use your own fixing method, select 'No Eye Bolts'.

Can't design the exact oak swing you want? Don't worry, do a simple sketch and email it over to us here: . We make every bespoke oak swing from scratch, so we can create any design your imagination concocts. We'd love to hear your ideas, so call us on 01889 597 283 to discuss.

How Your Swing Will Arrive

Once created, we'll flat pack your swing into kit form. It'll arrive for assembly as the picture below:

Why Buy Your Swing From Oak Timber Structures Ltd

Here at Oak Timber Structures, our team has accumulated over 100 years of experience in the timber industry. Such knowledge is indispensable for creating a bespoke oak swing. Furthermore, we use our years of experience to help customers accomplish any oak swing. We are here at every step.

  • High Quality oak products
  • High Quality customer service

We are proud of the quality of our oak structures. From the grade of the European oak to the intricate detail in craftsmanship. We strive for the best in both product quality and customer relations.

The strongest and most elegant oak structures start with the best timber. But that's just the beginning. Working with timber, especially oak, requires skills and expertise. Bespoke to order we craft each oak swing to the highest standards.

Our passion for oak is at the heart of our inspiration. As Steve Jobs once said, "...the only way to produce great work is to love what you do".

Our innovative swing 3D designer and pricing matrix offers a tailored buying experience designing a bespoke oak swing. Watch your new timber swing design take shape as you alter dimensions and specs.

Kiss goodbye to random quotes. With instant and transparent pricing, you can watch the cost change as you alter the design. It's yet another way we strive to innovate and establish a tailored buying experience for our clients.

Our 3D Solid Oak Swing Designer

We're proud of the world's first web-based 3D oak swing designer. There's no software download or high-tech computers needed.

Embedded into our website, all that’s needed are an internet connection and web browser. So, on a smartphone, laptop, or any other device, you can design an oak swing in the comfort of your own home.

The innovative 3D oak swing designer makes designing easy. By specifying all aspects, oak swings take shape in real-time. As the oak swing evolves to specific needs, the pricing updates.

Why not create a bespoke oak swing with our online designer located at the top of this page?

Go to the swing designer.

How To Order Your Oak Framed Swings

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Ordering from Oak Timber Structures is straightforward. Nevertheless, our team is on hand to help throughout the process. Here are the simple steps to order a bespoke oak swing:

  1. First, create the oak swing using the designer or send drawings to
  2. For online orders, click ‘Add to Basket’.
  3. Navigate to your shopping basket where you can checkout securely online. We accept all major credit cards excluding American Express (as image). If you run into any checkout issues, please contact us using the online chat or call us and we’ll talk you through the process. Alternatively, you can order over the phone.
  4. We then produce technical drawings for you to sign off and gain approval from a structural engineer if needed. CAD drawings take between 2 - 5 working days to produce.
  5. If you are unhappy with an aspect of the drawings, we encourage you to call and seek advice from our helpful and friendly staff. They’ll revise the drawings accordingly and send them back to you for re-approval.
  6. Once signed off, we add your structure to the production queue and create it according to the stated lead times. During this time, many people use the approved drawings to get their groundwork in place if required.
  7. Our skilled team assembles the oak swing to make sure there are no issues. This also allows us to code all components for seamless assembly. We then dismantle the swing and organise it into transportable kit form.
  8. If you're running behind schedule, we're happy to store your structure for up to 2 to 3 weeks at no extra charge. Please note that we limit storage to this time. As green oak dries, it shrinks. Shrinkage is normal. In fact, our skilled staff prepares your structure for shrinkage to fuse joints, making them tighter and more robust. Yet, after 2 to 3 weeks, joints can become misaligned and harder to assemble, so it's important to limit storage time.
  9. We schedule delivery by liaising with you once your bespoke oak swing is complete.