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Solid Oak Porches - Oak Timber Structures

Expertly Crafted Oak Structures
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Bespoke, Solid Oak Porches - Any Shape or Size

Expertly crafted, bespoke oak porches delivered as a kit, ready to assemble.

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All our Porches are:
Completely bespoke
Hand-selected oak, expertly crafted
Planed all round for a smooth finish
Made of high quality Fresh Sawn Oak
Flat-packed for easy assembly
Currently have an approximate 5 - 7 weeks (from drawing sign off) lead time
50% deposit on checkout. Balance payment due approx. 1 week before delivery.

Expertly made Solid Oak Porches

Oak Timber Structures thrives on quality and reputation as well as keeping costs to a minimum for the customer. All of our oak framed porches are made from solid oak. The oak framed porch sections are planed all round and lightly sanded for a smooth finish and are held together using traditional mortice and tennon jointing. They include a set of kiln dried oak pegs, and all holes are pre-drilled and supplied in a kit form ready for the customer or builder to put together.

We erect all of our oak porches, code each section piece and then dismantle them for ease of shipment. Our oak porches slot together perfectly and are then secured by knocking in a number of the kiln dried oak pegs, which will tighten the oak frame up even more over time.

The oak framed porches will add a natural and elegant appearance to any home and will give you and your visitors that luxurious, homely feel when walking up to the property.

If you don't see the exact design you want, don't worry, just do a simple sketch and email it over to us on . We can make any oak porch you require. Feel free to call us on 01889 597 283 to discuss.

How Your Porch Will Arrive

Your porch will arrive in kit form packaged like the following:

Gallery Selection

Oak Porch Example Styles

Because everything from Oak Timber Structures is completely bespoke, we can make you any size porch to any design. On our porch designer above, we've chosen 4 distinct types to give you a few ideas of designs and pricing. Here is a breakdown of what's included in each of the porch designs above:

Porch 1

Available to buy above in standard size or get in touch for a bespoke quote.

Base width: 1.55m (outside of post to outside of post)
Overall height (inc brickwork): 3m
Depth: 0.94m

What's included?
  • 2 no post 150mm/150mm/1.4m
  • 2 no post 150mm/75mm/1.4m
  • 4 curved braces 150mm/50mm
  • 2 plate 150mm/150mm/0.94m
  • 1 tie beam 150mm/150mm/1.5m
  • 2 Prs 150mm/150mm/1.47m
  • 2 curved struts 150mm/100mm
  • 8 rafters 150mm/50mm/1.4m
  • Oak Dowels
  • Optional: Cedar Shingles

Porch 2

Available to buy above in standard size or get in touch for a bespoke quote.

Base width: 1.8m (outside of post to outside of post)
Overall height: 3.25m
Depth: 1.75m

What's included?
  • 2 no Post 150mm/150mm/2.2m
  • 1 Tie Beam 150mm/150mm/1.8m
  • 2 Principal Rafters 150mm/100mm/1.55m
  • 1 King Post 150mm/100mm/0.7m
  • 2 struts curved 100mm/50mm
  • 8 rafters 150mm/50mm
  • 2 plate 100mm/150mm/1.75m
  • Oak Dowels
  • Optional: Cedar Shingles

Porch 3

Available to buy above in standard size or get in touch for a bespoke quote.

Width at bottom posts: 1.3m (outside of post to outside of post)
Porch height (frame only): 1.97m (total height
depends where you position it on the wall)
Depth: 1.28m

What's included?
  • 2 Post 150mm/125mm/1.2m
  • 2 curved braces 125mm/50mm/1.13m
  • 2 plate 150mm/100mm/1.28m
  • 1 Tie Beam 125mm/125mm/1.3m
  • 1 PRs 125mm/125mm
  • 2 struts 75mm/75mm
  • 4 rafters 125mm/50mm
  • 1 ridge beam 125mm/125mm/1.28m
  • Oak Dowels
  • Optional: Cedar Shingles

Porch 4

Available to buy above in standard size or get in touch for a bespoke quote.

Base width: 1.935m (outside of post to outside of post)
Overall height (inc brickwork): 3.43m
Depth: 1.2m

What's included?
  • 4 Jowl post 250mm(150)/150mm/1.6m
  • 2 plate 150mm/150mm/1.3m
  • 1 Curved Tie beam 225mm/150mm/1.6m
  • 2 PRs 150mm/150mm/1.32m
  • 4 struts 100mm/50mm
  • 8 rafters 125mm/100mm/1.5m
  • 2 sole plate 150mm/75mm/1m
  • Oak Dowels
  • Optional: Cedar Shingles

Every porch is completely bespoke, so we can make you any style at any size. Send your sketches through to us for a quotation.

Using our Oak Porch Designer

We have recently updated our porch designer and there are now even more options to choose from!

  1. Porch Style

The Porch Style Control allows you to choose between four different types of porches:

  • Porch 1
    Porch 1 sits on a Brick wall and has a queen truss at the front with two large curved braces.
  • Porch 2
    This porch has two front posts which sit on the ground and then the headplates and ridge beam goes into your wall to prove a snug fit to your house.
  • Porch 3
    Porch 3 doesn’t meet the ground and is suspended upon the wall via two brace plates
  • Porch 4
    The final porch design sits on top of a brick wall and has a truss which is pulled back slightly from the from of the porch with multiple straight braces on a curved tie beam.
  1. Size

The size control lets you control the:

  • Width
    You can enter a width between 1.4m and 3.0m
  • Depth
    You can enter a Depth between 1.4m and 2.0m
  • Roof Pitch
    You can choose a roof Pitch between 20o and 60o (the height of your porch depends on the pitch and width)
  1. Thickness

The thickness control lets you select what size posts you would like. You can choose between:

  • 150mm
  • 175mm
  • 200mm
  1. Boarding

The boarding control allows you to choose whether or not you want boarding to sit on your rafters so you’ll see timber, rather than your tiles or shingles when you look up. You can choose between:

  • None
  • Larch
  • Cedar
  • Oak
  1. Battens

The Battens control lets you decide where or not you would like to buy battens to fix any shingles or tiles to, and you are provided with the following options:

  • No Battens
  • Softwood
  • Oak
  1. Roofing

The roofing control allows you to choose whether you want Cedar Shingles or not and you get the options:

  • No Roof (Choose this if you are providing your own tiles or shingles)
  • Untreated Cedar Shingles
  • Treated Cedar Shingles
  1. Dwarf Wall Size

The dwarf wall size is only available on Porches 1 and 4. The height determines the lengths of the posts supplied rather than the overall height. The height from the ground to the eaves will remain at 2.1m. This setting is a guide to make your own brickwork.

You can choose the following heights:

  • 225mm
  • 450mm
  • 675mm

How To Order Your Oak Framed Porch

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Ordering from Oak Timber Structures is straightforward. Nevertheless, our team is on hand to help throughout the process. Here are the simple steps to order a bespoke oak porch:

  1. First, create the oak porch using the designer or send drawings to
  2. For online orders, click ‘Add to Basket’.
  3. Navigate to your shopping basket where you can checkout securely online. We accept all major credit cards excluding American Express (as image). If you run into any checkout issues, please contact us using the online chat or call us and we’ll talk you through the process. Alternatively, you can order over the phone.
  4. We then produce technical drawings for you to sign off and gain approval from a structural engineer if needed. CAD drawings take between 2-3 working days to produce.
  5. If you are unhappy with an aspect of the drawings, we encourage you to call and seek advice from our helpful and friendly staff. They’ll revise the drawings accordingly and send them back to you for re-approval.
  6. Once signed off, we add your structure to the production queue and create it according to the stated lead times. During this time, many people use the approved drawings to get their groundwork in place if required.
  7. Our skilled team assembles the oak porch to make sure there are no issues. This also allows us to code all components for seamless assembly. We then dismantle the porch and organise it into transportable kit form.
  8. If you're running behind schedule, we're happy to store your structure for up to 4 weeks at no extra charge. Please note that we limit storage to 4 weeks. As green oak dries, it shrinks. Shrinkage is normal. In fact, our skilled staff prepares your structure for shrinkage to fuse joints, making them tighter and more robust. Yet, after 4 weeks, joints can become misaligned and harder to assemble, so it's important to limit storage time.
  9. We schedule delivery by liaising with you once your bespoke oak porch is complete.

Receive our detailed PDF

We've put together a booklet of detailed answers to our most commonly asked questions. A perfect in-depth read about buying your oak structure from us.

Click here for our booklet

Ask us anything: 01889 597283