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Design Your Ideal Oak Framed Garage Online

1) Design your ideal garage below. 2) Call us to discuss any unique customisations.
3) Add your garage to the shopping basket and pay a small deposit online. 4) We create customised plans for your exact garage for you to sign off so we can go into production.

Pricing is shown at the bottom of the page as you make your selections.

Number of Bays
Please choose the number of bays for your garage.
How many car ports will your garage have?

Please note: The pictures show roofing and cladding here for illustrative purposes. They are added optionally below.
1 Bay
2 Bay
3 Bay
4 Bay
Roof Style
Would you like a normal pitched roof (gable), or one with hipped ends (cat-slide roof).
A gable roof
A hipped, "cat slide" roof
Roof Covering
Please choose the type of roof covering you'd like supplied.
Optionally choose treated or untreated shingles. You or your builder will need to source fixings for the roofing. You should choose galvanised fixings as the acidity of the wood will rust iron nails quickly. Normal roof tiles can also be used. Please select whether you would like roofing supplied.
Untreated Cedar Shingles & Ridges
Treated Cedar Shingles & Ridges
None - I will source my own
Our shingles are 100% heartwood and edge grain so the grade will not allow for knots or sapwood, meaning they are of the highest quality.

They provide an environmentally friendly, durable and lightweight solution to roof your oak framed structure with.
External Cladding
Please indicate whether you would like cladding supplied.
We supply top quality European Oak Feather edged cladding cut to length to match the oak garage you build. The size of our Oak Feather Edged cladding is 190mm wide x 22mm tapering down to 5mm. Please select whether you would like cladding supplied or not.
Fresh Sawn Feather Edged Oak
None - I will source my own
Wood Stores
An external covered and open-sided wood store available on either end. If you've selected our roofing shingles, extra will be provided to cover your wood store(s). Please select where you'd like wood stores.
Wood store on left
Wood store on right

Stand-alone Oak Framed Garages

We supply and deliver Oak framed garages for you or a builder to quickly, easily and cost-effectively build on your premises. We supply direct to end users, builders, architects, designers, framers and wholesalers.

As well as the Oak frames, we offer Oak trusses, Oak cladding, Oak doors, Oak windows and a whole range of joinery accessories so you can fully customise your building.

Before leaving us, our Oak garages are assembled, erected, coded and de-assembled to ensure that all pieces are present and correct.

You will need a builder to construct foundations for your Oak kit and to also erect the Oak structure.

"Thanks for your help, the service was exceptional, delivery all as promised and it fitted together perfectly. Will recommend you no problem." - Tony Smith
See Tony's Oak Car Port in our Gallery


There are a few steps to completing your timber framed garage project. Here is an overview and where we fit in to the process.

  • Planning permission if needed. We can supply drawings and information to help you along this process.
  • Designing and getting prices for your oak framed garage and accessories.
  • Purchasing the Oak framed garage. (These two points are what we're for).
  • Laying the foundations.
  • Erecting the structure (either yourself or with a builder).
  • Protection and ongoing maintenance making sure your Oak frame structure and joinery are looking their best at all times.
  • The final and most important step of all... using and enjoying your oak garage.

Why Use Oak?

Nothing beats that old world charm afforded by our quality solid oak beams. Oak has been the preferred choice for architects, builders and designers, traceable back in time for generations. Now very much in vogue, the blend of Quality Oak in modern architecture gives the best of both worlds... Solid, dependable yet stylish.

A room containing Quality Oak beams exudes an ambiance and class unobtainable from other building materials. Our Oak is grown to stand the test of time, and the enjoyment will be inherited by generations to come.

All our Fresh sawn green oak beams are PEFC certified to ensure that we do our bit for the environment.

Oak framing has enjoyed a long tradition in the UK, being the favourite home building method for the majority of people, designers and architects for centuries.

These day's its very rare to open a home building, architecture or renovating magazine and not find a case study featuring the use of oak somewhere, and the warmth and appeal seem to keep growing.

Oak buildings today offer an unusual mix with very traditional techniques and often combined with very modern materials. There is just something about the look, feel and smell of oak which is innately appealing to both traditionalists and modernists, and people love the fact that it’s such a naturally long-lasting material.

Oak tree's are harvested when they are around 80 years old. Each one will produce roughly 15 ft3 (cubic feet) of construction grade oak. Almost all of the oak used in British green oak homes is sourced from sustainable plantations in France and Germany, with companies replanting many trees to compensate which is why we are both FSC and PEFC certified to ensure we do our bit for the environment.

Why buy from us at Oak Timber Structures?

With all staff having previously worked in the timber industry, our knowledge of oak, from the harvesting of the Oak tree to the final finishing touches to your oak structure, is second to none.

Our oak beams are individually sourced from some of Europe's finest Oak forests and selected for quality and beauty. With our passion for Oak being at the heart of our inspiration and it is mirrored in the craftsmanship that goes in to each of our unique Oak framed structures designed and built to your desire.

We believe that the strongest, most durable and most beautiful buildings are a result of selecting exactly the right timber. Working timber in this way, especially oak, requires skills and expertise.

"The only way to produce great work, is to love what you do"

Delivery of Your Oak Structure

How will your oak structure be delivered?

Due to the size and mass of Oak required for most buildings and structures, more than likely you would have a dedicated lorry delivering your oak structure to you. We will always do our very best to communicate with yourself to get the delivery there at a time and day which suits you. Off-loading equipment is essential on site due to the weight of some of the Oak beams.

Delivery time – How long will it take for your oak structure to be delivered?

We are currently working on an approximate 8 week (from drawing sign off) lead time from agreement of your final drawings.

How Your Garage Will Arrive

Your garage will arrive in kit form packaged like the following:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need planning permission?

Not always. One and two bay Oak framed garages sometimes do not need planning permission. If they are under 30m2 of floor area coverage and under 4.0m in ridge height they tend to not need planning permission. However, we would always advise you to check with your local planning authority first as it can vary from area to area.

The link below will give you some advice and is a good place to start:
We can also supply you with bespoke drawings for use in your planning application. We charge £100 ex VAT for this, which is taken off your final order.

Build cost?

It's always good to shop around when getting quotes for a builder to actually assemble your Oak framed structure or building. Builders' assembly prices will differ depending on the size of the product and so they will normally want to see the 3D drawings before they quote.

What if there is a problem with my Oak kit?

We take quality control very seriously at every step and our craftsmanship speaks for itself. In the extremely unlikely event that there is some kind of problem with the kit which is our fault, we will sort it out efficiently and quickly.

"Where you find quality, you will find a craftsman, not a quality control expert"

Our Design Service

Our experience and knowledge enable us to offer a unique and professional design service to assist our clients from start to finish of their oak framing projects. Our staff use CAD drawing software and design tools to produce extensive drawings and plans for our oak frame structures. These can be used for planning applications, building plans and design models to produce your everlasting oak structure.

We are happy to work with your architect, builder, structural engineer or designer to create your oak frame structure.

Our design service covers a vast range of possibilities offered by structural oak frames. Our professional and experienced team of designers view and approach each project individually understanding your requirements of what you desire the frame to look like along with keeping within a solid structure which will last for centuries.

Our ideology is to provide a design, unique, tailor-made to your requirements and create an oak structure of elegance, craftsmanship, natural beauty and purpose that will mellow and generate true design as it matures.

Uncompromised Quality

Most of us here have been involved in every aspect of timber framing. Each oak beam of the structure being scribed and jointed with its neighbour in mind and marked to identify it at the assembly stage.

How To Order Your Oak Garage

If the exact garage you want is available above, you can place your order securely on this website, or call us to place your order.

If you'd like something bespoke, give us a call (01889 597283) or send an email with your requirements and we can give you a fixed quote.

The Oak Timber Structures ordering process is then:

  1. When you are ready to proceed, we ask for a 50% deposit
  2. We create a computer design to your exact requirements. This takes 2 or 3 working days. We can change the design at this stage if required until you're happy. Many people consult their builder at this point to double check everything.
  3. You approve the drawings and we put your structure into production. It is from this point that our quoted lead time begins. During this time, many people use the approved drawings to get all of their groundworks in place.
  4. When your oak structure is ready, we ask for the balance of the payment and then arrange delivery with you.

Please note: We can provide the designs to your structure on their own to be used in planning applications. We charge £100 ex VAT for this, which will be taken off your final order amount.

Ask us anything: 01889 597283
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