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Bespoke, Solid Oak Garden Rooms - Any Shape or Size

A solid oak garden room supplied unglazed and in kit form for simple assembly. Buy these standard types online or contact us with your bespoke requirements.

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3 x 3m
4 x 4m
No roof
Untreated shingles
Treated shingles

* brickwork not included

All our Garden Rooms are:
Completely bespoke
Made from hand-selected, expertly crafted oak
Planed all round for a smooth finish
Made of high quality Fresh Sawn Oak
Flat-packed for easy assembly
Currently on an approximate 8 week (from drawing sign off) lead time

Expertly Crafted Solid Oak Garden Rooms

Also known as: Orangeries, sun rooms, conservatories

Oak Timber Structures supply the highest quality and most luxurious oak framed garden rooms. Every oak frame we produce is different to suit your requirements.

All sections are planed all round and lightly sanded to ensure the perfect finish and supplied in a kit form to keep the costs to a minimum for the client or builder to erect with ease.

CAD drawings are initially supplied before we start to manufacture the oak frame, we then select the finest oak freshly cut oak and begin to manufacture the individual oak frame. All holes are pre-drilled and traditional mortise and tenon jointing is used to ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship is used throughout the build of your oak frame. Oak pegs and curved oak braces are also supplied. The frame is then erected in the timber yard, coded and de-assembled for delivery.

Our oak framed garden rooms slot together perfectly and are secured by knocking in our oak pegs, which will tighten the frame up instantly and continue to tighten as the oak frame mellows to its surrounding.

All of our oak frames are individually, expertly crafted with joinery techniques that have been used for hundreds of years and will look more beautiful with age, whilst still keeping the elegant and luxurious homely feel.

The timeless feel of your oak framed garden room will never reduce and will allow you to appreciate the beautiful outdoor views of your garden whilst relaxing in a strong, natural oak framed building.

Feel free to call us or you could even email us a sketch of your desired oak garden room. The simplest of sketches can be designed into the most beautiful looking oak frames.

How Your Garden Room Will Arrive

Your garden room will arrive in kit form packaged like the following:

Oak Garden Rooms In All Shapes and Sizes

Because our oak garden rooms are all bespoke, we can make any shape and size for you.

Oak Garden Room 37 Oak Garden Room 38 Oak Garden Room 39 Oak Garden Room 40 Oak Garden Room 41 Oak Garden Room 42 Oak Garden Room 43 Oak Garden Room 44 Oak Garden Room 45 Oak Garden Room 46 Oak Garden Room 47 Oak Garden Room 48 Oak Garden Room 1 Oak Garden Room 2 Oak Garden Room 3 Oak Garden Room 6 Oak Garden Room 10 Oak Garden Room 2 Oak Garden Room 14 Oak Garden Room 15 Oak Garden Room 16 Oak Garden Room 17 Oak Garden Room 18 Oak Garden Room 19 Oak Garden Room 20 Oak Garden Room 21 Oak Garden Room 22 Oak Garden Room 23 Oak Garden Room 24 Oak Garden Room 25 Oak Garden Room 26 Oak Garden Room 27 Oak Garden Room 28 Oak Garden Room 29 Oak Garden Room 30 Oak Garden Room 31 Oak Garden Room 32 Oak Garden Room 33 Oak Garden Room 34 Oak Garden Room 35 Oak Garden Room 36 Oak Garden Room 49 Oak Garden Room 50 Oak Garden Room 51 Oak Garden Room 52 Oak Garden Room 53 Oak Garden Room 54 Oak Garden Room 55

Frequently Asked Questions

Made to measure

The 3D designer above shows a couple of the most popular sized Garden Rooms that we sell: the 3 x 3m and the 4 x 4m.

Because each Garden Room is crafted from scratch, we can make any size you'd like, with any design or roof shape. You're not just limited to square Garden Rooms, they can be made to fit any area, even if every side needs to be a different length.

Each room is designed on computer first to make sure every single measurement is exactly what you need, then our craftsmen use their knowledge and skill to translate the design into the exact angles and cuts to bring it to life.

Each frame is constructed in our yard so you can be confident everything fits together correctly. While in our yard, all of the joining pieces are labelled, so when your builder comes to erect the Garden Room at your home, it's simply a case of matching the marked pieces back together.

Supply of Oak Frame

As oak specialists, we provide the oak frame and softwood rafters for your Garden Room. There are many companies across the UK that will offer you advice on the many different types, features and standards of glazing that can be custom made to fit into our Garden Room frames.

We provide the glazing strips to hold the panes in place as well as all of the measurements that your glazer will require.

Roofing your Garden Room

Your kit comes with a full, structured timber roof with three beautiful Oak Trusses and supporting softwood rafters.

You can optionally purchase cedar shingles from us too. Untreated shingles are the most common and will still last 20+ years. Treated shingles have a 25+ year lifespan but are a very dark brown colour. Untreated is the most popular choice.

The oak frames are strong enough to take slate tiles if you'd prefer. These can be sourced from a standard builder's merchant.

You will need further roofing materials to fully seal and optionally gutter and insulate your garden room roof. This advice can vary from builder to builder based on their previous experiences. We can talk to your builder about different options if required.

Groundwork and Supporting Brickwork

As with any building, the ground will need to be properly prepared to provide a solid foundation for your Garden Room. You should ask your builder to take a look at your location as each case may have different requirements. We can provide a PDF guide for a standard type of foundation that your builder can use as a starting point.

The standard Garden Rooms in the 3D builder above are designed to sit on a shallow course of bricks that are not provided in the kit.

Because our frames are expertly made each time, if you'd prefer to have the bricks higher we can accommodate this without problem.

Regardless of the height of bricks you choose, all of the measurements will be specified for both the bricks and the oak frame in the technical drawings we produce when you order. Your builder can then work to the drawings knowing that the oak frame will site perfectly on top.

Our Oak Garden Rooms are delivered ready for assembly at your site by you or your builder. Allow an approximate 8 week (from drawing sign off) lead time for us to make and deliver your bespoke Oak Garden Room.

How To Order Your Oak Garden Room

If the exact garden room you want is available above, you can place your order securely on this website, or call us to place your order.

If you'd like something bespoke, give us a call (01889 597283) or send an email with your requirements and we can give you a fixed quote.

The Oak Timber Structures ordering process is then:

  1. When you are ready to proceed, place your order online or over the 'phone with us on 01889 597283.
  2. We create a computer design to your exact requirements. This takes 2 or 3 working days. We can change the design at this stage if required until you're happy. Many people consult their builder at this point to double check everything.
  3. You approve the drawings and we put your structure into production. It is from this point that our quoted lead time begins. During this time, many people use the approved drawings to get all of their groundworks in place.
  4. When your oak structure is completed, we arrange delivery on a suitable day for you.

Please note: We can provide the designs to your structure on their own to be used in planning applications. We charge £100 ex VAT for this, which will be taken off your final order amount.

Ask us anything: 01889 597283