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Solid Oak Garden Rooms - Oak Timber Structures

Expertly Crafted Oak Structures
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Bespoke, Solid Oak Garden Rooms - Any Shape or Size

A solid oak garden room supplied unglazed and in kit form for simple assembly. Buy these standard types online or contact us with your bespoke requirements.

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Garden Room Size
3 x 3m
4 x 4m


Wall Height: m
Brickwork Not Included

Post Length: m

Eve Height: 2.1m

Overall Height: m

Boarding | Battens | Roofing
No battens
No shingles
Untreated shingles
Dwarf Wall Size
Door Front
Door Left Side
Door Right Side
No Doors

Locking Method Supplied But No Ironmongery

Glazing Methods (Glazing Not Supplied)
Rebate With Cover Board
Softwood Packer With Cover Board
Rebate and Bead

Garden Room Price Breakdown

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* brickwork not included

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All our Garden Rooms are:
Completely bespoke
Bespoke to your dimensions and specifications
Made from hand-selected, European construction grade oak sourced from sustainable forests
Built to last and sculpted by our skilled artisans with a collective 100 years plus experience of timber.
Smooth to touch with each beam planed and sanded on each face
Flat-packed and delivered with a parts identification drawing for easy assembly
Currently on an approximate 9 - 11 weeks (from drawing sign off) lead time
50% deposit on checkout. Balance payment due approx. 1 week before delivery.

Expertly Crafted Solid Oak Garden Rooms

Also known as: Orangeries, sun rooms, conservatories

Oak framed garden rooms are a practical addition to any home. You can opt to have our garden rooms as a stand-alone structure, creating a refuge away from the house, or on the contrary, attaching to the back of your house adding an extra room to your property.

An oak garden room has many uses. When incorporated into the main house, you can use the space for seating, dining, or an open-plan kitchen. Or, when assembled as a standalone structure, we've seen them turned into everything from pubs to guest rooms.

Fitting glazing between the oak beams creates a sense of space. You can gaze at the panoramic views of your garden. Whist allowing natural light in to illuminate the room.

When fitting a garden room with a roof, the temperature remains ambient throughout the seasons. Unlike conservatories with glass roofs, that can either be too hot or too cool.

A solid oak framed garden room offers a striking visual. Suitable for both modern sleek designs, or older houses, the warmth and elegance of oak framed garden rooms are timeless.

We make each bespoke garden room from scratch. So, use the designer to customize the garden room to your desired sizes and specifications or use the standard 3x3m and 4x4m options for preset sizes.

We'll work with you until the CAD drawings match your vision. Once you're happy with the design, that's when your vision comes to life.

Each beam is subject to careful attention. By planing each section before a light sanding, beams and rafters are smooth to touch with a prestigious finish.

Our artisans then create your wood frame using the best construction-grade oak. We use traditional mortise and tenon joinery to connect the frame with oak dowel reinforcement.

We test each piece and make sure all connections are in full working order and code the pieces before delivery.

Your garden room arrives in kit form with a parts identification drawing so your builder can match each component.

Once assembled by your builder, an oak framed garage will improve over the years. As moisture leaves the oak, slight shrinkage occurs. So, as oak tightens around the joints, it becomes more robust. It'll last for centuries and you can enjoy the homely charm of the exposed oak for years to come.

Receive our detailed PDF

We've put together a booklet of detailed answers to our most commonly asked questions. A perfect in-depth read about buying your oak structure from us.

Click here for our booklet

How Your Garden Room Will Arrive

Wondering what a kit form garden room looks like? The below picture shows how it'll arrive at your location.

Oak Garden Room Build Gallery

Because our oak garden rooms are all bespoke, we can make any shape and size for you. Here is a start to finish build gallery of one of our more custom made garden rooms.

Oak Garden Rooms In All Shapes and Sizes

Oak Framed Garage Gallery

Using the Oak Garden Room Controls

Designing a bespoke garden room has never been easier. The online designer allows you to have a hands-on approach. As you make adjustments, the 3D model changes. Likewise, the price updates in real-time so you can trust the quote with no doubts about overcharging or surprise changes. Here’s how each control shapes the garden room.

Garden Room Size

Control explanation - Garden Room Size

The 'Garden Room Size' tab has the fundamentals of the dimensions. If the sizes you want aren’t achievable with the capabilities of the designer, contact us and we can talk you through your choices.


There are two standard sizes available. Either 3x3m or 4x4m. Even when selecting standard sizes, we make the oak garden room from scratch.


The 'Custom' button opens up width and length controls. Here you can dictate your own width and length dimensions. You can increase or decrease at 0.1m intervals. The smallest is 3m, whereas the biggest is 4m. But should you want larger sizes, please call us. We’re happy to help.


The 'Thickness' determines the cross-section size of oak posts and top plates. Choices are 150mm, 175mm, or 200mm. Your choice depends on preference and does not affect structural integrity, that said, the more robust thicknesses will have more structural strength. Often smaller thicknesses suit more contemporary spaces because of their sleek aesthetic. Yet, larger thicknesses create a more traditional rustic look.

Roof Height

You can change the roof height using this control. Choose between 0.9m and 1.8m. The greater the roof height, the steeper the gradient. Remember, changing the roof dimensions affects the overall height of the garden room.

Boarding | Battens | Roofing

Control explanation - Garden Room Roofing

Boarding, battens and roofing all relate to the roof specifications.


With battens and shingles installed, the underside is visible when inside the garden room. Boarding covers the underside of battens and shingles, creating a uniform aesthetic. If you want to board the roof, you can pick between larch, cedar and oak. For no boarding, select ‘None’.


Battens run at a right angle to rafters and create a fixing point for tiles or shingles. You can source your own by selecting 'None'. Or choose between softwood or oak battens. As a generalisation, if you're using boarding, as battens aren't visible, softwood works great. Yet, oak battens offer a premium aesthetic if you're leaving the battens exposed.


To enhance the natural aesthetics of the garden room, you can include cedar tiles. Untreated cedar shingles will last approximately 20 years. You can extend the lifespan with treatment, contact us if you’d prefer us to treat your shingles.

If you have existing tiles on your property, you may want to use the same tiles for continuity. If so, you can source your own tiles by selecting 'None'.

Dwarf Wall Size

A dwarf wall is the brickwork on which the garden room stands. We don't supply brickwork, but we prepare the frame depending on your choice.

Dwarf Wall Size

You can have different heights; 225mm, 450mm and 675mm. Consider whether you’re fitting electrical sockets and radiators. These features help decide which height you should pick. If you have existing walls we can accommodate the structure to suit.


Control explanation - Garden Room Doors

In the 'Doors' tab, there are a few features to establish access to the garden room.

Door Openings

On the 'Door Openings' control, decide the location of the door. Choose between front, left or right. You can have more than one door. Regardless of door placement, we'll design the opening so that the door is central to the frame.


Here, you can add a solid oak door to the garden room. If you have over one opening, we add doors to each. Our doors come with a glazing and locking mechanism. However, we don't supply ironmongery.

Glazing Methods (Glazing Not Supplied)


While we don't supply glazing, we do prepare the frame for the glass. The Glazing control allows you to choose which glazing method you’d prefer to use. These are:

All glazing choices are direct glazing, meaning the glass sits straight into the frame. 'Rebate and Bead' is the most subtle, as the main oak frame is visible from the outside of the garden room. The other two methods result in coverboards being visible from the outside.

Glazing requires professional installation. Moisture movement causes the oak frame to shrink, so adequate sealing is necessary. Consult a professional, or if you’re unsure, call us and we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of a bespoke garden room

Bespoke means the garden room is specific to you and your needs. Because we make each garden room from scratch, we can make any size, design and roof shape. You're not limited to square garden rooms too. Whatever shape you want, we can do it. So whether you want a garden room to fit a specific space, or want something out of the ordinary, contact us and we'll turn your imagination into a reality.

What Is CAD and Why’s It Important?

CAD is an abbreviation of 'Computer Aided Design'. With an order placed, we'll first make sure every measurement is exact. Once you've approved the CAD, we'll use this to build your garden room. Likewise, builders use CAD drawings to prepare footings and build the dwarf size wall.

What Do We Supply With The Oak Frame?

As oak specialists, we supply all of the oak components such as the frame and rafters for your garden room. Should you choose, you can add boarding, battens, roofing, doors and a glazing method.

We don't supply brickwork. So make sure your dwarf wall and footings are in place before the kit form oak garden room arrives.

Roofing your Garden Room

Your garden room kit comes with a full timber roof with exquisitely exposed oak trusses and supporting rafters.

You can choose to include cedar shingles. Untreated shingles last approx. 20 years and add to the natural warm aesthetic. Treated shingles are darker in colour, but the treatment adds an extra 5 years plus onto the lifespan.

Battens create a fixing point for the shingles. You can still include battens to your order yet source your own tiles or shingles. You can source other tiles from a standard builder's merchant.

Another common question is on guttering and insulation. It’s best to seek your builder's advice on this. Because each garden room is different, the needs vary depending on the specs of each garden room. A builder may also suggest further roofing materials to seal and make it watertight.

Groundwork and Supporting Brickwork

Every building needs a solid foundation. A garden room is no different. Once you've approved the CAD drawing, the builder can inspect the desired location. Depending on the condition of the ground, each garden room may have different requirements. We can provide a PDF guide outlining standard foundations so your builder can use it as a starting point.

Garden rooms sit on a shallow course of bricks that are not provided in the kit. How high you want the brickwork hinges on you.

Depending on the height of the brickwork, we cut the beams to match the overall size. Your builder can then work with the drawings, knowing that the oak frame will stand on top.

Regardless of the height of bricks you choose, all of the measurements will be specified for both the bricks and the oak frame in the technical drawings we produce when you order. Your builder can then work to the drawings knowing that the oak frame will site perfectly on top.

How Do You Construct Your Garden Room

Crafted by our skilled artisans, all of the woodwork for your garden room is complete. Building is straight forward and requires connecting the pieces together and hammering the oak pegs into the main frame. It's important to do this within 2 - 3 weeks of manufacture, so as the oak dries and shrinks, it'll fuse the joints. Prolonging storage for too long can cause joints to become misaligned which requires additional work onsite.

How do we make assembly straightforward? We perform a trial assembly at our base making sure all parts are satisfactory. This also allows us the opportunity to code each piece so your builder can work alongside the parts identification drawing to match the joints.

Fixing rafters will require screwing in with stainless steel screws. Some builders recommend hiring a genie lift for heavy lifting. These lifts carry the weight of oak beams, so joining is much more straightforward.

Your Garden Room Is Assembled, What Next?

Oak is a durable timber, so maintenance requirements are minimal. That said, there are tips and tricks, you can find ideas in the article 'Maintaining Your Oak Structure.'

Sometimes during handling and building, the frame can pick up minor scuffs, these will easily come out with a few passes under a power sander. For black marks and water marks, use oxalic acid crystals.

Is there anything else I'll need

We use mortise and tenon joinery techniques for the main frame of an oak garden room. This technique holds the frame together using the provided oak dowels. To further increase stability, fix other pieces together using screws.

Screws for the Common Rafters

The common rafters are the roof beams fixed at intervals between the principal beams of the mainframe. For common rafters, use 150mm stainless steel screws. It's integral you use stainless steel screws because non ferrous metals such as iron react with the tannins from the oak.

Links to 150mm stainless steel screws:

Screws for Battens and Optional Boarding

The battens form a fixing point for tiles and shingles. To attach these screw them onto the rafters. These need fixing with 40mm stainless steel screws.

The technique depends on whether you're screwing into softwood or oak battens. Fixing into softwood battens is easy, but as oak is much harder, so you'll need to pre-drill pilot holes for the screws before assembly.

Again, if you selected oak for your battens, ensure stainless steel fixings are used.

If you've selected boarding, you should also use 40mm stainless steel screws. The boarding fixes to the garden room rafters below the battens. With boarding in place, you can then fix battens across the boarding.

Oak battens aren’t needed if you use boarding as they will be concealed between the boarding and shingles so softwood battens are a cost effective alternative.

Boarding is susceptible to moisture movement, meaning it can expand and contract. To reduce the effects of moisture movement, please read the sealing information.

To fix boarding, we recommend pre-drilling and holding in place with the head of the screw so it can move if required. Don't butt it tight together and leave a small gap between the tongue and the groove joints to allow for moisture movement.

Sealant for Optional Boarding

As discussed, boarding is prone to slight size change because of moisture movement. So, you must seal it before the installation. Use a waterproof oil such as OSMO UV Protection Oil on all four sides to reduce warping.

Nails for the Cedar Shingle Roof

The type of nails you use for fixing the cedar shingles depends on the battens. If you're fixing on to softwood battens, use Silicone Bronze ARS Nails. The natural acidity of the cedar won't corrode bronze.

Links to Silicone Bronze ARS Nails 31mm x 1.8mm:

As solid oak is a tougher wood, you'll need thicker nails. So, if you're attaching cedar shingles to oak battens, use larger nails. Remembering to use stainless steel for the oak.

Link to Stainless Steel Nails 30mm x 3.35mm:

Why Buy Your Garden Room From Oak Timber Structures Ltd

Here at Oak Timber Structures, our team has accumulated over 100 years of experience in the timber industry. Such knowledge is indispensable for creating a bespoke oak garden room. Furthermore, we use our years of experience to help customers accomplish any oak garden room. We are here at every step.

  • High Quality oak products
  • High Quality customer service

We are proud of the quality of our oak structures. From the grade of the European oak to the intricate detail in craftsmanship. We strive for the best in both product quality and customer relations.

The strongest and most elegant oak structures start with the best timber. But that's just the beginning. Working with timber, especially oak, requires skills and expertise. Bespoke to order we craft each oak garden room to the highest standards.

Our passion for oak is at the heart of our inspiration. As Steve Jobs once said, "...the only way to produce great work is to love what you do".

Our innovative garden room 3D designer and pricing matrix offers a tailored buying experience designing a bespoke oak garden room. Watch your new timber garden room design take shape as you alter dimensions and specs.

Kiss goodbye to random quotes. With instant and transparent pricing, you can watch the cost change as you alter the design. It's yet another way we strive to innovate and establish a tailored buying experience for our clients.

Our 3D Oak Garden Room Designer

We're proud of the world's first web-based 3D oak garden room designer. There's no software download or high-tech computers needed.

Embedded into our website, all that’s needed are an internet connection and web browser. So, on a smartphone, laptop, or any other device, you can design an oak garden room in the comfort of your own home.

The innovative 3D oak garden room designer makes designing easy. By specifying all aspects, oak garden rooms take shape in real-time. As the oak garden room evolves to specific needs, the pricing updates.

Why not create a bespoke oak garden room with our online designer located at the top of this page?

Go to the garden room designer.

How To Order Your Oak Framed Garden Room

All major cards
securely accepted

Ordering from Oak Timber Structures is straightforward. Nevertheless, our team is on hand to help throughout the process. Here are the simple steps to order a bespoke oak garden room:

  1. First, create the oak garden room using the designer or send drawings to
  2. For online orders, click ‘Add to Basket’.
  3. Navigate to your shopping basket where you can checkout securely online. We accept all major credit cards excluding American Express (as image). If you run into any checkout issues, please contact us using the online chat or call us and we’ll talk you through the process. Alternatively, you can order over the phone.
  4. We then produce technical drawings for you to sign off and gain approval from a structural engineer if needed. CAD drawings take approximately 2 - 5 working days to produce.
  5. If you are unhappy with an aspect of the drawings, we encourage you to call and seek advice from our helpful and friendly staff. They’ll revise the drawings accordingly and send them back to you for re-approval.
  6. Once signed off, we add your structure to the production queue and create it according to the stated lead times. During this time, many people use the approved drawings to get their groundwork in place if required.
  7. Our skilled team assembles the oak garden room to make sure there are no issues. This also allows us to code all components for seamless assembly. We then dismantle the garden room and organise it into transportable kit form.
  8. If you're running behind schedule, we're happy to store your structure for up to 2 to 3 weeks at no extra charge. Please note that we limit storage to this. As green oak dries, it shrinks. Shrinkage is normal. In fact, our skilled staff prepares your structure for shrinkage to fuse joints, making them tighter and more robust. Yet, after 2 to 3 weeks, joints can become misaligned and harder to assemble, so it's important to limit storage time.
  9. We schedule delivery by liaising with you once your bespoke oak garden room is complete.