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Bespoke, Solid Oak Lychgate - Any Shape or Size

Expertly crafted, bespoke oak Lychgate delivered as a kit, ready to assemble.

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Lychgate Design
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Outside of post to outside of post.

Roof Pitch:

Boarding | Battens | Roofing
No battens
No Roof
Cedar Shingles
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Dwarf Wall Size
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All our lychgates are:
Completely bespoke
Hand-selected oak, expertly crafted
Planed all round for a smooth finish
Made of high quality Fresh Sawn Oak
Flat-packed for easy assembly
Currently have an approximate 10 - 14 weeks (from drawing sign off) lead time

Expertly made Solid Oak Lychgates

Oak Lychgates are traditionally situated in church grounds as the entrance to the churchyard. There are many different designs of lychgates and the examples above are just some of the more popular we have been asked for. If you have a different design in mind, please talk to us and we’ll be happy to accommodate you so that you get the lychgate you want.

These gates aren’t just great for churchyards though they are also good for public and garden entrances. These stunning frames are welcoming and are a very traditional part of English history which are a great distraction for everyone who looks at them.

We provide Oak Lychgates in kit form for onsite assembly, and further joinery work isn’t required to finish the job. The structure provided will match the drawings we provide after ordering. The configuration you use to build your 3D model on our website isn’t the drawing, but it is what we base our drawings on.

If you don't see the exact design you want, don't worry, just do a simple sketch and email it over to us on . We can make any oak lych you require. Feel free to call us on 01889 597 283 to discuss.

How Your Lych Gate Will Arrive

Your lych will arrive in kit form packaged like the following:

Using the Lychgate Controls

There are eight different controls for the lychgates which you can use to design your own. There are a range of choices which will help to get the gate you want.

Lychgate Design

The Lych Design controls include the following:

  • Gate Style
  • Size
  • Wall Inset (On style 4 only)
  • Thickness

And they each have different roles when you are designing your own Lychgate

Gate Style

This control sets the overall shape of the lychgate you want and is the control that makes the biggest change.


The size controls the width, depth, clearance and the roof pitch of the Lychgate. These controls have their own limits and the width and depth limits are ascertained based on the style of structure you choose.

Wall Inset

Wall Inset is only available on the style 4 Lychgate. This controls whether there is a small inset at either entrance of the gate with extra posts.


The thickness control allows you to select the section size of the posts in your structure. The three options are 150mm, 175mm and 200mm.

Boarding | Battens | Roofing

These options are for the roofing of your Lychgate. You can choose whether you want boarding, battens or shingles and what type you want of each. If you prefer you can also choose to source your own.


The boarding control lets you choose between the following options:

  • None
  • Larch
  • Cedar
  • Oak

Boarding is used if you don’t want to see the underside of the battens and shingles when walking underneath the gate.


The batten control lets choose between the following options:

  • No Battens
  • Softwood Battens
  • Oak Battens

Battens are used to fix shingles to the roof of your gate.


The roofing control let you choose between the following options:

  • None
  • Untreated Cedar Shingles
  • Treated Cedar Shingles

The untreated shingles are lighter in colour than the treated and go silver grey quicker.

Dwarf Wall Size

The dwarf wall isn’t included with the structure, but this option lets you set how high you want your wall to be on your gate (this option isn’t available on Lychgate Style 3).

This control allows you to choose between:

  • 225mm
  • 450mm
  • 675mm

How To Order Your Oak Lychgate

If the exact Oak lychgate you want is available above, you can place your order securely on this website, or call us to place your order.

If you'd like something bespoke, give us a call (01889 597283) or send an email with your requirements and we can give you a fixed quote.

The Oak Timber Structures ordering process is then:

  1. When you are ready to proceed, place your order online or over the 'phone with us on 01889 597283.
  2. We create a computer design to your exact requirements. This takes 2 or 3 working days. We can change the design at this stage if required until you're happy. Many people consult their builder at this point to double check everything.
  3. You approve the drawings and we put your structure into production. It is from this point that our quoted lead time begins. During this time, many people use the approved drawings to get all of their groundworks in place.
  4. When your oak structure is completed, we arrange delivery on a suitable day for you.
Ask us anything: 01889 597283