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How to Decorate Your Oak Porch for Maximum Curb Appeal - Oak Timber Structures

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News: How to Decorate Your Oak Porch for Maximum Curb Appeal


Want to improve your home's curb appeal? Well, you're on the right track by choosing an Oak Timber Structures oak porch. Lavish oak beams projecting splendour. Handcrafted and made bespoke to your precise dimensions for the perfect fit. Simply put, our porches are a luxury to welcome you and your guests into your home.

But what comes next? While an Oak Timber Structure porch alone is going to have a tremendous impact on curb appeal, we've gathered some tips and tricks from customers over the years on how to further enhance an oak porch. Let us share a few secrets. Read on to discover how to decorate your oak porch for maximum curb appeal.

1. Roofing choice

Consider roofing before ordering. It's perhaps the most important decorative decision because the choice of roofing can transform the overall look of your oak porch. There is no right or wrong answer, and the choice is down to you and what you think looks best. Here are a few considerations:

  • When using our online designer, you can add cedar shingles. Cedar shingles are a brilliant choice if you want to complement the oak beams with another timber.
  • We don't supply other tiles or shingles. But our solid oak porches are strong enough to bear the weight of any tiles. With this in mind, it's commonplace to use the same tiles on the porch as the house. This marriage gives the oak porch cohesion, making it look like it's part of the house.

Tiles and shingles serve a purpose by keeping you and your oak beams protected from the elements. Beyond their practical use, remember roofing is also a decorative feature that can heighten the porch's appearance. Whether it's cedar shingles, slate tiles, or any other roofing choice, consider which you think will look the best.

2. Engraving an Oak Porch

Your solid oak porch is the grand entrance that'll draw the eye. As such, it's a great place to add something to make your house identifiable, especially as the actual door displaying your house number becomes less visible when set back from the porch.

You can do this on the oak porch itself. The tie beam, sometimes called a cross beam, is an important part of the oak porch. It's the horizontal beam connecting the front two vertical posts. Set at the front and top of the porch, it's a noticeable feature.

Using a CNC machine, we can carve text of your choosing onto the tie beam. As long as it's below 20 characters and alphanumeric, you can personalise your oak porch. When ordering from the online designer, it's as easy as typing in the text you want. Or, just tell us over email or phone call. With the tie beam displaying your house name or number, it's a classy way to personalise your oak porch.

Engraved Oak Porch

3. Internal boarding as you look up

Roof boarding is an optional extra that can be added to enhance the internal roofing structure. Roof boarding is the Tongue & Groove machined timber installed between the rafters and the shingles or roofing which conceals the battens.

If you do decide to use roof boarding, its worth noting that with the concealment of the battens you can opt for the more cost effective softwood battens to recoup some of the costs.

Having roof boarding installed is a completely cosmetic addition and will also conceal the underside of the tiles or shingles so, as you look up you will see only the oak rafters and the boarding of your choice.

Speaking of choices, we have 3 main options for boarding, Oak, British Larch and British Cedar. Although, we have supplied timbers that are more on the premium side in the past such as Canadian Western Red Cedar.

Going with oak, of course will add a seamless aesthetic which synergizes perfectly with the rest of the oak structure. Please bear in mind that these boards will be kiln dried however and you will need to treat all four sides of the boards before installation to seal the timber.

With Larch and Cedar, both are a durable option with a very traditional and knotty aesthetic. They main factor to consider between the two is their appearance as they will not be exposed to the elements. You can see the difference between the two in some example images below.

British Larch British Cedar (Treated) European Oak

3. Ambient lighting

Strategic lighting can transform your oak porch into a magical space, especially in the evening. Here are some smart ideas to illuminate your oak porch:

  • Roof-Top Lighting: Install lighting fixtures on the underside of the porch roof. This discreet placement can beautifully light up your porch. To conceal the cables, consider adding boarding when using the online designer. The boarding will create a space between the underside of the shingles, hiding untidy cables.
  • Wall-Mounted Lanterns: Fix lanterns either to the porch itself or the brick wall of the existing house. When attaching lanterns to oak, keep in mind that oak is a hardwood, making it challenging to drill holes. Always use stainless steel screws and nails to avoid any reactions with the oak's tannins, which can lead to erosion and black streaks. If you prefer not to affect the fresh oak, consider installing lanterns on the brickwork behind the porch.
  • Stringed Lights: Stringed lights aren't just for Christmas! Fairy lights can create a magical ambience on your porch. Simply wrap them around the tie beam for a whimsical effect.

Regardless of the lighting option you choose, adding subtle illumination to your porch will make it warm and inviting.

5. A touch of greenery

Adding a touch of greenery is a simple yet effective way to decorate any porch. Not only should you incorporate lush greenery, but try to introduce vibrant flowers to bring life and colour to your oak porch. Here are some suggestions:

  • Hanging Baskets or Wall-Mounted Planters: Maximise space by adding hanging baskets or wall-mounted planters to your porch. Enhance your baskets and planters with cascading flowers to add a pop of colour and class. When using hanging baskets, utilise the solid oak horizontal beams, which are ideal for looping chains around, eliminating the need to drill holes into the oak beams to fix brackets.
  • Potted Plants: If you have enough space, incorporate potted plants on the floor of your porch. Choose plants with colourful blooms or foliage to create an appealing display. You can also consider placing a small container garden near the porch entrance.
  • By incorporating flowers and plants, you can enhance the beauty and vibrancy of your oak porch.

    6. Pay attention to flooring

    Often overlooked, the flooring of your oak porch plays a significant role in its overall aesthetic. The reason it's not much of a consideration for many is you may have flooring already in place and you'll simply build the porch on top. That's fine but sometimes you might want to add separate flooring.

    Take the above image as an example. Tarmac makes up the driveway, but this customer opted for a separate patio feature underneath the oak porch. A splendid choice that adds separation to the porch space.

    7. To paint or not to paint?

    With its distinctive grain patterns and golden tones that develop a traditional silver hue over time, oak is a beautiful timber. Beyond its good looks, oak is practically maintenance-free. There are ways to maintain an oak structure, but they aren't necessary. Therefore, most people leave their oak porch to stand in its purest glory.

    However, everyone is different, and if you desire a distinct colour to showcase your personality, you can stain or paint your oak porch any colour you want. We always suggest consulting a professional painter and decorator for the best results. Oak needs to be primed with specialist paint before applying the colour of your choice. While oak requires sanding before painting, we do a lot of the hard work by planing every beam for a smooth finish.

    8. Finishing touches

    Here are a few other features to consider when decorating an oak porch:

    • Furniture: If you have enough space, consider including some furniture underneath your porch. Choose durable and weather-resistant pieces. Wrought iron or wicker furniture fits the bill and can withstand outdoor conditions. This will not only provide a comfortable seating area but also add a touch of elegance to your porch.
    • Mailbox: Install a decorative mailbox that matches the style of your oak porch. This minor detail can contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal and create a cohesive look for your property.
    • Doormat: A welcoming doormat is always a great addition to any porch. Not only does it offer a warm greeting for guests, but it also helps keep your porch clean by allowing visitors to wipe their shoes before entering your home. Choose a doormat that complements the style and colour scheme of your porch.
    • Seasonal Character: Add seasonal charm to your oak porch by incorporating elements that reflect the time of year. Consider hanging seasonal wreaths on the door and placing festive decorations during holidays. These touches will bring a sense of celebration and keep your porch looking fresh and inviting throughout the year.
    Porch with xmas decorations

    By implementing these additional features, you can further enhance the appeal of your oak porch and create a space that is both functional and visually pleasing.


    A solid oak porch will naturally stand out from the crowd. But with careful attention to detail and thoughtful design choices, you can decorate your oak porch to maximise its curb appeal.

    So, how do you decorate your oak porch for maximum curb appeal?

    Make your property unique by adding classy engraving that identifies your home. Incorporate vibrant greenery and colourful flowers to bring life to your porch. Create a captivating ambience with strategic lighting. These simple yet effective enhancements will elevate the curb appeal of your property.

    For more inspiration and to design your own oak porch, visit our Oak Porch page where you can explore options and receive a real-time quote.