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Designing Your Dream Oak Framed Garage: Tips for Customisation - Oak Timber Structures

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News: Designing Your Dream Oak Framed Garage: Tips for Customisation


Do you want to add a timeless and practical feature to your land? Then unlock the potential of your property with a bespoke oak-framed garage.

We all know that a stand-alone garage serves as a designated space for your favourite vehicle. But it'll not only protect your pride and joy, it'll also free up space elsewhere on your property. What's more, at Oak Timber Structures, we make everything bespoke. So, with your customization, we can make an awe-inspiring garage that'll marry with the current aesthetics of your home. The possibilities are endless. That's why we're here to guide you through the exciting journey of crafting your dream garage.

In this article, we'll share valuable tips for tailoring your oak-framed garage to your unique vision. Whether you picture a classic gable roof design, want the charm of a cat slide roof, or aim to create a functional roof room. We'll walk through the design process leaving you inspired with oak-framed garage ideas. So join us as we explore the art of designing a bespoke oak-framed garage that reflects your style and meets your needs.

The Importance of Bespoke

Every oak-framed garage, in fact, every one of our products is bespoke. This means we make every product from scratch. So why go bespoke in the first place?

Customization lies at the heart of crafting the perfect oak-framed garage. A personalized garage makes sure that every aspect aligns with your unique needs. You can adjust the size so it fits into your allocated space. Add as many bays as you like to accommodate how many vehicles you own. Even add a roof room for that home gym you've always wanted! It's not just an oak structure, but a functional work of art.

Customization also allows you to change the aesthetics to suit. Your garage is a part of your home's identity. What's more, you can gaze upon the finished product knowing that it's not just any garage—it's your customized masterpiece. A testament to your style.

Exploring Design Options for Oak Framed Garages

Let's start with the type of and the architectural possibilities. From classic elegance to modern charm, the design choices cater to a range of tastes. There's a choice between Gable, Gable with Cat Slide, Cat Slide and Hip and Ridge, each with its unique appeal.

  • The Gable Roof design offers a timeless and traditional look. Such a classic design evokes a sense of grandeur. So, if you have a traditional or stately garage in mind, look no further. The gable roof also opens doors for further features, more on that to come.

  • Another choice is the Gable with Cat Slide. Here you'll have added character to the Gable. This is an interesting choice offering a whimsical aesthetic.

  • You can go full Cat Slide. For those seeking an extra touch of charm, the cat slide roof adds a quirky aspect to the structure, creating a cottage-like feature.

  • Then there's the Hip and Ridge with its contemporary twist. The clean lines and sleek aesthetics will look great alongside modern properties.

Exploring these design choices allows you to align your garage with your style. Not only that but creating a harmonious blend between your oak-framed garage and your property's unique style.

Configuring the Number of Bays and Bay Dimensions

Next up are the bays, and this is pretty straightforward. Working out the number of bays for your oak-framed garage aligns with your vehicle and storage requirements. So, do you have one vehicle or more? Simply choose the number of bays for the amount of vehicles you need to store. Picking the right number of bays guarantees that your garage serves its primary function... a place to park your cars!

The user-friendly 3D Online Designer empowers you to tailor bay dimensions. Alter the width, depth, and height to suit. Such a feature allows the garage to accommodate various vehicles. Tired of small parking spaces for your Range? Give it the room it deserves. Or, have you got a diminutive vintage sports car, reduce the height so you can park without wasting space.

That being said, you may not want your garage for your car at all, in this case, pick the number of bays based on your storage or space requirements. How many of us have garages now populated with tools and other bits and pieces? Or, perhaps you have visions of another use for the extra space. It's all down to you and the online designer ensures that your garage bays align perfectly with your requirements.

Creating Additional Storage and Interior Layout

If you have a garage with two or more bays, you can boost versatility by adding partitions. Think of partitions as room dividers for your garage. They create separate spaces, so each bay can have its different purpose.

Imagine this: You can set up a workshop for your DIY projects, a storage room for your gardening tools, or even a cozy corner where you can relax and unwind. All the while the next bay is home for your car.

Protected from the elements, these partitions allow you to transform your garage into a multi-functional space. So, whether you're into crafting, gardening, or just need a place to chill, these partitions give you the freedom to customize your oak-framed garage to match your unique needs and hobbies.

Storage requirements don't end there either. You have the chance to include wood storage. On either side of the garage, we can offer a sheltered space. So if you want to keep firewood, logs, or outdoor equipment neatly organized while protecting them from Britain's ever-changing weather.

Adding Trusses and Deciding Post-Thickness

The shape of a gable roof lends itself to trusses. So with the gable-type garage selected, you'll have the chance to add custom oak garage trusses to your structure. An oak vaulted roof is a show-stopper. While not a structural necessity, they'll add another feature to the garage, making the inside a sight to behold.

A common misconception is the post thickness. Having thinner thicknesses doesn't compromise structural soundness. Everything we make is bespoke. As such, you can have anything you want! But there's one exception, we won't let anything leave our depot that isn't structurally sound. Simply put, we wouldn't let you have post thicknesses too narrow to not support any structure.

Post thickness is about visual appeal. It's just what you like the look of. You have the choice of 150mm, 175mm, and 200mm thicknesses. These measurements are the cross-section of the beams. As a general rule, smaller thicknesses offer a more contemporary visual, while the thicker the posts, the more of a traditional cottage impression.

Incorporating a Roof Room

The addition of a roof room is the ultimate opportunity for hidden extra space. While partitions create 'rooms' on the ground floor, roof rooms are a cosy hideout putting the gable to use. But when we say bespoke, we mean it. If you want glazing incorporated into the roof, we can cater the frame to allow the specific space.

With a roof room, we'll supply the floor joists and stairs to install on the right side of the garage. The gable roof doubles as a room above your garage. This is only available with gable roofs because of the room afforded by them.

Here's the thing: a roof room allows you to utilize every inch of the structure. Not only will you have a garage, but you'll also have a roof room to put to use. We've seen roof rooms turned into all sorts, home gyms, office spaces, games rooms, and even lodgings. Anything goes! Let your inspiration guide you. So… what use would you have for a roof room?

Studding, Rafters, Boarding, and Roofing

Those vertical wooden posts placed between the mainframe, we call "studding." They're not just extra support; they also add a nice touch inside and give you a fixing point for outside cladding and partition cladding if selected. You get to choose between oak or softwood studding, depending on what you need and your budget.

Oak is pricier, but it's very durable and has all the oak's charming characteristics. But, if you have grand plans to cover the inside studding, with internal cladding, then softwood is fine! We even make oak studding that's easy to put together with special joints called "mortise and tenon." We can also supply the studding 'loose', so you can fix it in place using stainless steel screws.

And don't forget about the roof! There's a lot to know about boarding, battens, and shingles. You can learn all about it in this article here: Need To Know Oak Structure Roofing Options. We offer cedar shingles, but our structure can handle other roof tiles too, like ceramic or slate. So, you can match your garage with the rest of your property and showcase the customized look!

Exterior Cladding

Now, let's talk about how your garage looks on the outside! We've got the studding all set up, and it's time to think about cladding. Cladding is like the shell that surrounds your garage, so picking the right one is important.

You can choose any cladding you want! Consider the colors and materials that match what you have in mind.

At Oak Timber Structures, we offer the best European oak cladding for your garage. It's not just about keeping your garage safe; it is brimming with grandiose aesthetics. European oak, both super strong and very durable gives your garage a handsome coat and a perfect outfit to match the oak frames. It's a versatile finish that belongs in a rustic countryside setting or equally in modern settings.

Oak Garage Doors

If you want to give your oak-framed garage a unique and stylish upgrade, consider adding oak garage doors. These doors aren't just any doors; they're handcrafted from high-grade kiln-dried oak and finished with a protective waterproof oil coating.

Imagine opening solid oak doors to reveal your garage, a grand reveal that'd make everyone stop in their tracks. But that's not all - you can even choose special ironmongery, to accent the doors for the complete look.


Designing an oak-framed garage is a journey full of possibilities. There are so many ways to make it customized! Each customization, whether it seems big or small, further fulfils your unique personalized vision.

If you're inspired by the customization tips, why not make a start? Visit our Oak Garage page and design your bespoke oak-framed garage with the user-friendly online designer tool. It's your gateway to crafting a garage that aligns with your style and requirements.

But remember, at Oak Timber Structures, we're here to support your vision every step of the way. If there's anything you want outside of the capabilities of the online designer, we can do that too! Give us a call or drop us an email, we're excited to hear your ideas.