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What size oak gazebo should you buy? - Oak Timber Structures

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News: Choosing the size of your gazebo


We often get asked what size oak gazebos people should buy.

Below, we'll walk you through a few photographs to help give you a better appreciation of different sizes.

This first photograph shows two 4m x 4m gazebos with 200mm posts joined together. I include this as it shows a table to sit 10 underneath just one of the 4 x 4m gazebos:

Double 4x4m oak gazebo with 200mm posts

Here is a different 4m x 4m with 200mm posts. People tend to go for 200mm thick posts on a 4x4m to keep the proportions looking right, i.e. not too "spindley". Imagine people sitting on the benches and you can see that 4m is quite large:

4x4m oak gazebo with 200mm posts

This one is a 3x3m oak gazebo, again with 200mm posts. It's quite common to go for 175mm posts at this size so as not to look too chunky, unless that’s the look you’re after:

4x4m oak gazebo with 175mm posts

This one is a 2.5 x 2.5m with 150mm posts. This one also has a shallower pitch on the roof. Because of the smaller posts and lower roof, it looks proportional to the larger ones above, but you can see it offers coverage for a small table and a couple of chairs. Because everything we make is bespoke, changing the pitch of the roof is no problem:

2.5m square oak gazebo with 150mm posts and a shallower roof

This one is a 4m x 6m with 200mm posts. A kitchen and BBQ are built underneath it. This is quite a poular thing to do, with the builders building the brick chimney out the top of the roof between the rafters. It has a gable roof, whereas the other photos up until now have all had hipped / pyramid roofs. Take a look at this gallery for a better look at a similar project with a built in brick oven: Brick Oven Oak Gazebo Build Gallery.

4m x 6m oak gazebo with gable roof and brick overn

Here is a 6x3m with 175mm posts, so essentially two 3x3m “bays”.

3m x 6m oak gazebo with 175mm posts

Here's another 6x3m, this time with 200mm posts. You can see people underneath this one. You can actually visit this oak gazebo. It's in the Trentham Gardens Shopping Village near Stoke on Trent in the Midlands. There's another, smaller gazebo there too outside the whisky shop. You don't need to pay to go into the gardens to see them, they're outside in the publicly accessible shopping area.

3m x 6m oak gazebo with 200mm posts

I hope that gives you an insight to some of the different sizes. Everything we make is bespoke so feel free to get in touch if you need a particular size making.

Click here to use our 3D Gazebo Designer to specify your own size and style.