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Keeping up with your new year resolutions - Oak Timber Structures

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News: Keeping up with your new year resolutions



has finally arrived and right now you're brimming with motivation to make a new year’s resolution! That’s fantastic, we all know that deciding to make a change is half the battle. The other half is sticking to it...

That’s the part we can help with.

Self-care is the most popular new year’s resolution this year it seems, which is no surprise after a tough 2022 following an even tougher couple of Covid years. Whether that means keeping fit, eating right or just taking a moment to breathe.

At Oak Timber Structures the focus is all on you as the customer which is what a new year’s resolution is all about! Read on to find out how we can help you achieve your new year’s resolutions.

Promoting good mental health

One thing that we all need is a healthy state of mind and the number one way to promote it is – keeping those stress levels down. A quick google will give a few top tips to do it but you’ll find they always tend to mention either meditation, relaxation or time to yourself.

That’s where we shine. Our structures give you the much needed space to do it, whether it be relaxing beneath a gorgeous solid oak gazebo or having a quiet moment to yourself in your very own garden office, all of our structures radiate comfort from the natural warmth of solid oak.

Promoting good physical health

A popular new years resolution and probably one we’ve all tried at one point or another is taking care of ourselves physically, new year new me as the saying goes.

Thing is, whether it be gruelling British weather putting you off that morning jog, or that sweltering heat in the summer which makes you think twice about heading over to the gym in your sauna-like car, its easy to see why Britons struggle to keep the fitness journey going.

The solution? Bring the fitness to you at your home with a home gym. We know, it’s easier said than done when you don’t have a garage to convert or a spare room to utilize. A garden office however, that might be the answer.

Cold or warm, oak structures offer a comfortable space with both climates. Due to its density yet porous structure, the heat is absorbed by the oak which acts as a natural insulator in the cold keeping the heat in and in the summer radiates it out.

Separating your work from your home

Comfort plays a big part in fitness but it’s even more vital when it comes to an office space to get work done. An Oak Garden Office might work wonders as a home gym but it’s a blessing for those of you working from home.

If you work from home, unless you’ve dedicated some space for it you know by now just how difficult things can be without separating your work and home life. It impacts productivity, efficiency and makes it difficult to walk away from it because more often than not physically, you don’t.

We’ve touched on garden offices and their variety of uses but if you’d like to read more about them head over to this article: Oak Garden Office

Closing thoughts

It’s easy to see that our structures can promote wellness and healthy habits but the first step is making the change. Make your new years resolution something to remember and make it a lifetime habit with the inclusion of one of our made to order kit form structures.

Don't forget, you aren't limited to what you can design on our website, we can make almost anything. The only limit is your imagination. Send your bespoke designs into and we'll come back to you with a quotation.