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Why your hot tub needs a luxurious oak gazebo - Oak Timber Structures

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News: Why your hot tub needs a luxurious oak gazebo


It's no wonder so many of us are using hot tubs. From stress relief to muscle relaxation, the benefits stretch far and wide. But we've seen the demand for hot tub gazebos flare up recently.

So why does your hot tub need a gazebo?

Hotel and spa owners are discovering the benefits of hot tubs with gazebos. Not only do the gazebos offer a luxurious aesthetic, but they also make hot tubs usable throughout the year. With protection from rain and even snow, you can enjoy the warm jets whatever the weather. Not forgetting, a gazebo protects the hot tub and supplies privacy to the occupants.

Let's deep dive into why your hot tub needs a gazebo. Whether you own a spa, a holiday home, or you've got a hot tub in your garden, here are the benefits of hot tub gazebos.

Why do people love the appearance of oak gazebo hot tubs?

Gazebos come in different shapes, sizes and materials. We're oak specialists, so naturally, we love oak. While our passion for oak may suggest bias, the truth is, we make structures from oak because we thrive off creating the best products and we know oak is the best timber for the job. If you need convincing, to find out why oak is the best material for a gazebo. Read this article.

Out of the many reasons to love oak, and there are many, customers often point to the gracious aesthetic of the timber as a leading positive. As such, the natural elegance of an oak gazebo makes your hot tub space luxurious. The yellowish brown colourations compliment a distinct grain. It doesn’t end there, oak ages and develops a timeless silver hue that you can enjoy for years to come.

What's more, we can only speak for ourselves on this one, but an Oak Timber Structure gazebo only uses the highest grade of oak. The European QPA and QP1 grade oak we use is the highest the European grading system can achieve. Furthermore, we plane and lightly sand each piece of oak for a smooth finish.

When built around a hot tub, you've got a relaxing scene shrouded with natural-looking oak beams. For hotels and spas, the look of hot tubs in our handcrafted gazebos is a statement feature and you can recreate the lap of luxury in your garden.

Oak gazebos protect your hot tub

Most hot tubs come with a cover, but sometimes that isn't enough. A gazebo doubles down on protection. So why do you need to avoid any damage to the cover? Holes and rips allow rainfall to creep into the hot tub and can cause contamination, pH imbalances, and algae. So a gazebo with a roof is another line of defence.

The extra roof offered by a gazebo also helps reduce water maintenance. See, the more exposed the hot tub is, the higher the water evaporation. When water evaporates, it’s not just the water that you’ll have to replace. Sanitiser that keeps germs and bacteria at bay goes with it. Furthermore, defoamer to curtail the foam, and PH-level products too. So by reducing evaporation, there’s less need to replenish the water and its chemicals. Saving you time, hassle and money.

So it’s no coincidence that hot tub manufacturers advise customers to keep their hot tub shaded. This suggestion applies to both hot tubs made from wood or a synthetic composite material. Not only to scale down evaporation and to reduce wear and tear on your cover, but there’s another factor too. UV rays reduce the strength of your sanitizer, so shade helps improve the performance.

There are many ways you can add shade to your hot tub, parasols and canopies to name a few. But nothing compares to a hot tub gazebo for protection, moreover a made to measure solid oak gazebo. The high quality solid oak won’t only protect the hot tub, but it’ll create a signature feature of your hot tub area.

Gazebos are a surefire method for all year hot tub use

The protection a gazebo offers the hot tub parts and mechanics is going to help you get the most out of your favourite garden feature too.

Hot tubs are fantastic throughout the year, but especially during the winter months. Breathing frosty air into your lungs while enjoying the warm jets is a soothing experience.

Yet, the weather may have other ideas and feelings of relaxation can soon shift when the rain comes. A hot tub gazebo makes it workable to sit and enjoy the jets, whatever the weather. The roofing will protect from rain, snow and everything in between. On the flip side, when the sun beats down, it's easy to get sunburned in a hot tub. The roof will protect you from sun hazards.

Our oak gazebos come in all shapes and sizes, so you can make one to fit any space. We supply cedar shingles or if you want to use your own tiles, that's fine. Our oak frames are robust enough to hold the weight of any tiles so you can match tile types to existing buildings. For further protection from winds, you can add cladding to the sides which act as a windbreak.

Enjoy your hot tub in privacy

Another standout reason customers turn to a gazebo to cover their hot tub is privacy. The roof and sidewall's shield your hot tub against prying eyes. This applies to hotels and spas, too. Often hotels have many floors of accommodation, so management understands how important a gazebo is to make the hot tub as private as possible for its guests.

We've built solid oak gazebos for hot tubs in small and enormous gardens alike. Regardless of size, the gazebo affords people enjoying downtime in a hot tub an extra slice of privacy. You can go the full hog with cladding which covers the sides. So not only are the occupants hidden from above, but they're also out of view from other perspectives.

Make a hot tub gazebo the centre of social gatherings

We handcraft every oak gazebo from scratch, so we can make any size you want. One way of doing it is to measure your hot tub and add 0.5 metres on each side. These measurements are an efficient way to protect your hot tub.

On the other hand, you can go all out and create a versatile spot for social gatherings and dining. In the below picture, you can see the hot tub takes up a small section of the gazebo space. On the opposite side is a seating and dining area.

A design like this is great for social gatherings and at parties. If not all guests want to jump in the hot tub, they can still relax and join in with conversations while others enjoy the hot tub. Even for personal use; it makes the most of the space turning the gazebo in a multi purpose section of the garden.


So there are many reasons why your hot tub needs a gazebo. Whether you want the luxurious hotel spa-like aesthetic, or you want to protect the hot tub and reduce maintenance, a gazebo does the job. Not forgetting the usage benefits that include enabling all-year round use and enhanced privacy.

A solid oak hot tub gazebo not only ticks all the boxes, but it goes above and beyond your standard pop-up gazebo or canopy. Solid oak has a longer lifespan while displaying gorgeous, grandiose looks.

We can handcraft a solid hot tub gazebo to suit any size space. Fancy giving it a go? Then head over to our gazebo page where you can refine size and other features to create a structure to suit your hot tub space.