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Why Does Your Wedding Venue Need an Epic Oak Gazebo - Oak Timber Structures

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News: Why Does Your Wedding Venue Need an Epic Oak Gazebo


If you own a wedding venue, you'll want to make the client's big day one to remember. There are many ways to make your wedding venue more epic than your competitors, but nothing is more striking than a solid oak wedding gazebo.

Let's explore why your wedding venue needs a bridal gazebo. In this article you’ll discover how it'll make your clients happy. Why now is the right time to take the plunge, and other interesting reasons oak gazebos are a wedding must-have.

A luxurious focal point

A luxurious solid oak gazebo will become the focal point of your wedding venue. Crafted from the finest oak, our gazebos ooze tradition and splendour. Couples demand a charming spot from their wedding venue and an oak wedding gazebo provides just that, a distinctive stage to use on their big day.

Even when the wedding takes place indoors, photographers rely on garden space. So why do photographers take photos outside on the big day? One reason is that weddings are busy days for newlyweds. While the party goes on inside, it's an opportunity to remove newlyweds to share a romantic moment alone.

There are more practical reasons too. It's often impossible to capture all family and friends indoors, so the added space is welcome. Also, the natural light and a simple change of scenery are factors too.

Safe to say, the garden space is integral to a wedding venue. A well-manicured garden is a starting point, but to go the extra mile, our gazebos present the perfect backdrop for wedding photos. Shrouded in the natural grace of oak, our gazebos complement the lush green gardens for a warm and welcoming feel.

In the below example, you can see our gazebos setting the scene and creating a picturesque backdrop for clients to capture happy memories.

Oak Wedding Gazebo Oak Wedding Gazebo

An iconic “I do”

But an oak gazebo can be at the forefront of the ceremony itself. On 1st July 2021, the UK Government changed the law. As the website stated upon implementing the change. “Under current laws for approved premises such as a hotel, the legal wedding or civil partnership ceremony must take place in an approved room or permanent structure. It will now be possible for a couple to have the whole ceremony outside at such a venue.”

So nowadays couples can legally exchange vows outside without having to do an enclosed rerun. Until fairly recently, it was the law that a marriage had to take place in a registered building. With this in mind, our oak gazebos are a romantic stage to say “I do”. We’ve seen a huge rise in demand in gazebos for this purpose.

Below, you'll see one of our gazebos taking centre stage for the exchanging of vows. Couples can decorate the structure how they please. Adorned with floral arches, the result is a romantic and idyllic setting meeting the wishes of the newlyweds.

Oak gazebo 226 Oak gazebo 227 Oak gazebo 228

The knock-on effects

There’s no denying that the happy couple is the focus. Yet, if you’ve ever looked at friends' wedding day pictures, you can testify your eyes will wander to the wedding setting. That's normal. Truth is, through photos and videos, people will recognise the majesty of the gazebo and the role it plays on the wedding day.

So it turns out that a gazebo offers free marketing for your venue. Nowadays more than ever, as guests are eager to upload photos to social media. In turn, the romantic traditional, rustic vibe becomes a talking point. With a solid oak bridal gazebo as a prominent feature, it’ll entice future clients looking to re-create such grace.

The symbolic meaning of oak

Here’s something else you may not have thought of. Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Cutting the cake. The first dance. Throwing the bouquet. To forgo seeing one another before the altar. Weddings are full of symbolic traditions.

Did you know oak has its own symbolism? Oak symbolises solidarity, strength, and something able to stand the test of time. So, just as the white bridal dress symbolises purity, an oak gazebo plays its role in the wedding's allegory.

Why choose an Oak Timber Structures wedding gazebo

It’s clear a solid oak wedding gazebo is a wise addition to a wedding venue. But why pick us to make the gazebo? At Oak Timber Structures, we are oak enthusiasts, so we understand the importance of quality timber. It all begins with the finest construction oak available. We craft our bridal gazebos, in fact, every one of our products, using only QPA and QP1 grade oak.

What's this mean? Simply put, this is the best grade of construction oak available, so oak beams won't have imperfections such as unsound knots, rot or white holes. What's more, we source our oak from sustainable European forests.

With quality oak at the ready, it's over to our skilled artisans. They have a combined 100 years plus experience crafting timber products. So rest assured, you can expect peak craftsmanship from your oak wedding gazebo.

Once complete, each piece is planed and lightly sanded for a luxury finish, then packed into kit form and sent to your venue for easy assembly. All of the woodworking is complete using traditional joinery techniques and once assembled by a builder onsite, you've got a strong feature enhancing the country feel of your wedding venue.

Bridal gazebo ideas

If you're thinking up designs, here's something you need to know. We make each oak wedding gazebos from scratch. This approach means we can make any gazebo bespoke to your needs. The only restriction is your imagination.

Whether you want a small gazebo to exchange vows, or a monumental design to house guests. Any size you want, we'll do it. It doesn't end there either. You can opt for a square, rectangular, round, or even an eye-catching hexagonal shape. We'll even create custom shapes, so if you want a T-shape gazebo to create an aisle or a space for guests, we'll do that too.

Roofing is a common addition to bridal gazebos for obvious reasons. After all, you wouldn't want rain to spoil the big day. We offer cedar shingles that complement the beams for a natural aesthetic. Yet, you can always source your own tiles and we'll get the roof ready.

The options are limitless, from different sizes, shapes, and side coverage. We can make your wedding venue stand out from the crowd.

Looking for some some inspiration? Check out our Oak Wedding Gazebos page! They're one of the more popular uses for our Oak Gazebos and our customers are always ecstatic with the results, so much so that they're often eager to share them with us and have them feature on the Oak Timber Structures website.

Why Does Your Wedding Venue Need An Epic Gazebo?

So why does your wedding venue need an epic gazebo? Wedding venues have immense responsibility. The big day is the most important time for many people's lives, so the pressure is on to make it extra special.

A solid oak wedding gazebo goes a long way to making newlyweds happy on the big day. From iconic wedding photos and a romantic setting to exchange vows, a gazebo levels up your venue. Both the couple and guests will enjoy the traditional feature in the garden space.

Furthermore, it'll add a centrepiece to your venue that makes you stand out from the crowd. A unique selling point when marketing your venue for weddings or any celebration for that matter.

So why not head over to our gazebo page and create your bridal gazebo using the 3D designer. Adjust the controls and watch your wedding gazebo take shape in real-time. Any questions, or for unique designs, remember we're on hand to answer your queries. For help or queries, call us on 01889 597283.