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British trade is thriving currently, have a read on what that means of us. - Oak Timber Structures

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News: The state of British industry and how it affects OakTimberStructures


The timber industry is soaring in the UK this year and with no signs of slowing down and Oak Timber Structures has had to make some changes, find out what’s new in this article.

In a day and age where most of us are used to the quick turnaround and ordering process of huge corporations like Amazon, not many people are exposed to the more realistic lead times of the trade industry.

Getting a piece of Oak right now even in the best circumstances can take you all the way up to September, which is believe it or not surprisingly good, especially when you consider some builders who we’ve been in contact with are waiting anywhere upwards of 21 weeks for roof tiles and 35 weeks for bricks.

With this in mind 14-18 weeks is quite respectable when you know at the end of it you will be receiving a complete structure, cut and planed to your exact requirements with all the joinery work already done for you. It even arrives in kit form and all you need is a few builders to assemble the pieces and it will stand firm for decades to come.

As we’re building you exactly what you want, we will need some measurements to kick things off. This doesn’t have to be a work of art or a professional design, just something to give us an idea of what you’re looking for and we can then convert it into a specialized CAD drawing. We will then send this drawing back to you and await your approval.

This is the best time to make any changes if you aren’t happy or you have any modifications to the plans in mind. We can make changes early on after production has started but of course we have to go through the same process of approval which may cause delays.

Once confirmed and the order is placed you can push it out of your mind and leave it with us. We’ll contact you when your structure is ready and arrange delivery with you at your convenience. We’re happy to store it at our warehouse if you need more time to prepare for the delivery of your structure.

We even have a very handy tool on our website that allows you to create your own design and adjust it to your specific measurements. If your dream structure is a bit more bespoke than our 3D designer can produce then you’re welcome to send a sketch into us and we’ll quote it for you.

We’re very proud of our 3D designer as customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities we strive to make our ordering process as easy and convenient as possible.