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News: New Product! L Shape Gazebos


We’ve had some significant improvements since our last designer update but today the focus is on our new product line of L shaped gazebo’s.

It’s nothing out of the ordinary for our skilled team to produce wonderful gazebos of all shapes and sizes and we’ve certainly put together some excellent L shaped oak gazebo kits in the past, this week however our tech wizards have managed to do the impossible and you can now design your own on our online 3D web designers!

Select L shaped Gazebo’s on our Gazebo designer page and watch your design take form in real time to fit your personalization’s.

We’ve kept it simple and if you’re familiar with our Gazebo designer you’ll notice that the new L shape gazebo’s share many of the same setting’s allowing you to specify the width and roof height of aswell as any further additions like roof boarding and shingles.

To start customizing an L shape gazebo, first you will need to select it under the ‘shape’ dropdown. You’ll notice your 3d model will be converted and your custom controls will feature a new button, the second length control, which allows you to extend the length of each side of the gazebo and customize them independently of one another.

The designer automatically adds and removes posts, as well as roofing rafters and braces bespoke to your design.

We didn’t stop there, if L shape gazebo’s wasn’t enough of an impressive addition to our catalogue. We’ve added a unique feature to them that transformed it into an entirely new product.

L-Shape Hexagonal Gazebos

You loved the L shaped Gazebo with the addition of a hex shape gazebo on the end on the Oak Timber Structures Instagram so we thought we’d make that available on the website too! Select L-Shape Hex in the ‘shape’ dropdown to start designing your own L shape hexagonal gazebo.

Moreover, both L shape models can be modified even further to include cladding and balustrades around it, infact, you can even add them to the hex shape aswell to match this gorgeous gazebo below.

New products to come!

There are more upgrades in the works for the future to give you even more unique options. What designs would you like to see on the oak timber structures website? Send your ideas to and we’ll put it to our techies to see what they think!