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News: Designer Upgrades


Oak Timber Structures has been so busy with orders these past few months and we’ve been meaning to share some interesting updates that have occurred which have snuck under the radar somewhat.

Our perceptive customers might have noticed we’ve added multiple products to the website and added some complex improvements to existing ones to further expand on the customization options of our 3D designers.

Oak Gazebo Changes

Firstly, our Gazebo page has seen some interesting upgrades to both the roofing and the side coverage.

With the roofing you can now adjust the height of the roof, this one was quite a complicated for our programmers due to the angle changes as you raise and reduce the roof height but after some hard work and website magic they made it possible. Additionally you also have the option of a hip and ridge roof type which is a great fit for longer/wider gazebos.

We also made a change to our side coverage. Before, there were four selections which would add the side coverage to three of the four sides. You are now able to change each side individually with each of the options to get exactly the finish you need without having to phone it in for a quote.

All of these modifications will tweak the price in conjunction with your changes so that you can easily stay within your budget without having to go through the difficulty of trying to explain it over the phone or draw up an entire sketch and send it over email.

Oak Pergola Updates

Secondly, pergola page has had an interesting addition due to popular demand aswell. L-Shape pergolas have found their way onto our website and they are exactly what you’d expect, two pergolas connected in the shape on an L. Once selected, you can modify both lengths of each pergola separately whilst in the same designer.

What makes Oak Timber Structures different

Many kit structure companies offer set sizes and set prices, which means for anything different you need to send in a drawing which can take some time in both response and the time it takes to create the drawing which to the unacquainted can be quite difficult.

We understand that it’s a big help to have a visual in front of you rather than just going off what a salesman says with all the technical jargon that might just make things more confusing. Of course we do have a very knowledgeable team on hand should you need it though.