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How To Choose The Right Garden Gazebo To Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Space - Oak Timber Structures

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News: How To Choose The Right Garden Gazebo To Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Space



Imagine lounging in a serene garden oasis - a place to unwind, entertain friends, and immerse yourself in nature. A solid oak garden gazebo promises all this and more.

At Oak Timber Structures, we understand the allure of creating your own haven. But we also know that choosing the perfect gazebo can feel overwhelming. After all, no two gardens are the same, so why should the gazebo be?

But fear not! Throughout this article, we'll be your knowledgeable guides. We'll explore an array of shapes, sizes, roof styles, and more, leaving you empowered with wisdom. So, whatever your vision, you’ll discover the oak garden gazebo that complements your outdoor space.

Let's take a look...

Consider Your Outdoor Space and Purpose

First and foremost, what’s the purpose of your gazebo? This is a pivotal factor that will shape every aspect of your decision. Think about how you envision using your oasis.

Will it be a hub for hosting lively BBQs with friends and family? Or are you seeking a tranquil hideout to enjoy alone time with a good book? Perhaps you're dreaming of a gazebo to shelter a luxurious hot tub?

Understanding your gazebo's purpose will guide you in choosing the perfect features. If you're a social butterfly, a larger space will be in order. On the other hand, a cosy nook may be just what you need for peaceful moments of solitude.

So, take a moment to ponder: What do you want from your gazebo? Keep this vision at the forefront as we delve into other essential considerations.

Shape and Design

Of course, there’s a lot of personal preference when deciding the shape. After all, you’ve got to pick which you like the most. Yet, the shape of a gazebo goes beyond mere aesthetics. It'll also play a crucial role in functionality. Let's explore the shapes available for you to select in our 3D Designer. We’ll outline each option and aspects about them to take into consideration.

  1. Square & Rectangular Gazebos

    The straight edges of this gazebo make them ideal for placement next to an existing structure. If you want to assemble your gazebo flush against your house or garden wall, this shape will blend seamlessly with walls.

    The straight edges deliver clean lines. Which offer a modern and sleek look, so if you're going for a contemporary outdoor space, consider this shape.

    With rectangular gazebos, the elongated shape allows for ample space. They'll cover long dining tables and other outdoor furniture. So for large dinner parties, these can keep the table covered come rain or shine.

  2. Round Gazebos

    The gentle and flowing lines of round gazebos exude softness and harmony. They shine when used as a centrepiece with a winding path leading to them.

    These are the cosy intimate gazebos best used for small gatherings or as a solitary retreat. Imagine practising yoga, or diving into your latest read on a Sunday afternoon. A round gazebo serves as a gentle space to reach complete serenity.

  3. Hexagonal Gazebos

    The symmetry of a hexagon-shaped gazebo makes it captivating to look at from every angle. It’s a popular shape for public gardens often coupled with balustrades on the sides, a feature you can add when using our 3D Designer.

    Not just reserved for public spaces, though. You can add a traditional touch to your space using the hexagonal gazebo while adding elegance and grace to boot. This shape accompanied by cladding will improve privacy.

    Using the 3D Designer, you can add full coverage to any side of the hex. Including cladding makes this shape a private option. Especially important if you’re overlooked by neighbours or concealing a fence/hedge.

  4. L-Shaped Gazebos

    Want to stand out from the crowd? Consider the distinctiveness of an L-shaped gazebo placed in your garden. Its originality can spark conversations and command attention. This is your moment to express your unique style.

    But this specialist gazebo offers more than just aesthetic charm; there are also significant practical benefits. Firstly, the shape makes them fit snugly into corner spaces along existing walls. Simply put, an L-shaped gazebo maximises every inch of your garden and with two separate areas, you can have different uses in the same space.

  5. Double-Linked Gazebos

    A double-link gazebo is an epic structure that screams extravagance. With two gazebos on either side of a link gazebo in the centre, there’s ample space. If you have the room, then a double-linked gazebo will host larger groups or events.

    You can assign different functions to each gazebo. We’ve seen clients use one side for bars, hot tubs and BBQs. While the other side has a seating area to create a multi-function gazebo. With a double-link gazebo, you'll have flexibility.

  6. Custom Designs:

    Every gazebo we make is bespoke. Regardless of whether it's a standard size or not. Our approach allows us to create any shape you want! There are endless possibilities

    So tell us your unique vision. Do you need an irregular shape to fit existing architecture? Or have you got an extraordinary idea? Either way, we can create any shape for your specific requirements to make the most of your outdoor space.

Size and Capacity

As mentioned earlier, the purpose of your gazebo will affect the required size. Consider the number of people you want it to accommodate. For example, if you plan lone activities or cosy gatherings, a smaller gazebo will suffice. On the other hand, if you plan large events, opt for a roomy design that’ll make sure guests have the space to relax and enjoy.

Also, consider the garden space you have to work with. While a large gazebo might seem like a great idea, you don’t want it to impose on the garden. When assembled, will you have easy access between existing buildings and landscaping features?

The ideal gazebo integrates with your garden, becoming a natural extension of your outdoor space. In turn, enhancing the overall appeal of your garden. Using our bespoke service, you can adjust the width, length and height at 0.1-metre intervals to make sure every gazebo fits like a dream in your garden space.

Roof Styles and Coverings

When choosing a roof style for your gazebo, consider the space you have available and the desired ambience. Here’s a guide to help.

  1. Gabled Roof

    The gabled roof boasts a classic triangular shape that has stood the test of time. Its iconic design not only adds a touch of elegance but also enhances the sense of height within the gazebo. This roof style often resonates with those who appreciate tradition and the timeless charm it brings. If you're drawn to a gazebo with an open and airy feel, the gabled roof might be your ideal choice.

  2. Hipped Roof

    A hipped roof slopes on all sides maximising space underneath. These styles of roofs create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. If you're working with a smaller garden area, the hipped roof is less imposing making sure you're getting the most out of every square foot.

  3. Hip and Ridge Roof

    If your garden space blends traditional and modern elements, the hip and ridge roof might be your match. Combining the characteristics of hipped and gabled designs, this style adds a distinct visual to your garden. It can work well in both expansive and compact gardens.


What material should you use to make the most of your garden space? At Oak Timber Structures, we recognise the unparalleled benefits of oak. Why? Oak offers durability and timeless aesthetics.

Its natural strength and beauty make the most of your outdoor space. Because not only will you have a stunning focal point, but it’ll stand proud for decades. To learn more about why oak is the best timber for an outdoor structure check this insightful article here.

Permits and Regulations

Your local authority may need you to get planning permission for your gazebo. There's no hard and fast rule here because rules vary from place to place. So, it's best to check local regulations before embarking on your gazebo journey.

For the most part, height is the deciding factor whether you need planning permission. Why mention this? Well, usually, gazebos under 4 metres in height don’t need permission. So, if you don't want the rigmarole of planning, check your local authorities and choose the appropriate size.


You’re set to pick the perfect oak garden gazebo for your outdoor space! Remember, the topics discussed here should act as a guide, not a rule book. We thrive on giving clients full control throughout their journey.

Trust your judgement, your choices, such as shape, size, and roof style, will make your space stand out. And guess what? We're here to help you along the way. Are there any questions left unexplored or do you need some general recommendations? Give us a shout!

Ready to make your garden dreams come true? Check out our Oak Garden Gazebo page and use the 3D Designer to create your bespoke design now.