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14 Really Epic Uses For An Oak Garden Room - Oak Timber Structures

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News: 14 Really Epic Uses For An Oak Garden Room


A solid oak garden room is a glamorous addition to your home or outdoor space. But once you've assembled the frame, it's time to put your extra room to work. So how do you make the most of your additional space? Truth is, garden rooms have countless uses, from the more conventional to the downright quirky.

Through the years, we've seen our oak garden rooms turned into amazing spaces. So let's review epic ideas for your garden room sure to inspire you.

What is a garden room?

Garden rooms come in two forms. Either a standalone structure or as an attachment to a house. When attached to a house, they can become conservatories, sunrooms and orangeries. On the other hand, standalone garden rooms are built away from the house and we often nestle them at the bottom of a garden.

First and foremost, let’s resolve a common confusion. What is the actual difference between a conservatory and sunroom? On top of that, how does an orangery differ from both structures?

A conservatory is a structure sat on a brick dwarf wall with glazing and often features a pitched glass roof. A sunroom is pretty much the same, with the fundamental distinction being instead of a glass roof, it has shingles or tiles. For good measure, what makes an orangery unique compared to both? That’ll be the flat roof with a glass lantern. You can transform our garden rooms into either a conservatory, sunroom or orangery. We make each garden room bespoke after all so we can cater for each design.

Now with that bit of housework complete. Let’s look at the epic uses for garden rooms. Whether standalone or attached to your house, the opportunities are limitless.

14 epic uses for an oak garden room

  • Seating area

We've seen many solid oak garden rooms used as an extra seating area. This purpose is ideal for when you're attaching the garden room to your house. What separates this type of garden room from your existing living room is the amount of natural light. Not forgetting with a solid oak frame, your new room becomes an area shrouded in grace to kick back and relax or entertain guests.

  • Dining room

Convert the garden room into a dining area. By attaching the garden room to a kitchen, you'll create an open-plan kitchen and dining space. Kitchen-diners are all the rage and with good reason. Practicality for one. No carrying meals to different rooms. Also, with fewer walls and doorways your home will feel larger and brighter. Because we make every garden room from scratch, you're in control of the size. So you can create the room for a sizeable dining table to host impressive dinner parties or add a few extra metres for a new breakfast bar.

  • Your own public house

The amount of our garden rooms that are now pubs will surprise you. Maybe it's because pubs are closing down. Or simply people want to decide their last orders time. Either way, it's more than you'd think! So tucked away you can have a standalone makeshift pub where you decide the clientele. Bonus points for the draft beer and classic pub signs. But if you’re more chic than traditional, there’s nothing stopping you going for a more contemporary approach and creating your own cocktail bar instead.

  • Yoga and meditation ashram

From yoga to meditation, to reach peak serenity you need to have the right space. A garden room removed from the hustle and bustle of your house is the ideal space to escape. It'll tantalise the senses as you breathe in the earthy scent of oak. A superb choice for anyone who wants an oasis to flee and rejuvenate.

  • Gym

Some love the gym. Others not so much. Whether you’re self conscious, dislike intrusive smartphones, or begrudge extortionate membership fees, your own private gym could be the answer. Add the equipment of your choosing and avoid the battles for the equipment. Pick the size of your garden room to suit you and your needs.

  • Recording studio

On the other side of the spectrum it can be a musicians paradise. Wouldn't it be great to have your drum kit set up and ready to go? Or your guitar amp stacked and loaded waiting for you get stuck in. A garden room adds space between your instruments and your home so you can let loose. Nowadays, its not uncommon for bedroom producers to get into the top charts around the world, so why not go the whole nine yards and set up a recording studio.

  • Listening room

You don't need to play a musical instrument to enjoy music. Sales of vinyl records are going through the roof. For justifiable reasons too, what better way to relax than gifting yourself the time to listen to a record? It’s one of life's finest pleasures. With people reverting back to traditional ways of consuming music, listening rooms are in style. A garden room is an excellent fit to create a small space to chill out to your favourite artist after a long day.

  • Workshop

From the hobbyist woodcrafter to the boutique jewellery maker, your own workshop is integral to your success. A garden room is your space to get the job done where you can dodge the distractions. Without interference, before you know it, you can be the next Etsy entrepreneur while saving room space in the house.

  • Games room

Ever dreamt of owning your own pool table? Even if you have the space, it's often the loud clacking of the balls that'll drive your family up the wall. A garden room gives you the space to kick back with friends and challenge your them to a pool tournament. More of a snooker player? We can create a garden room to accommodate the size of a snooker table too.

  • Home office

Working from home is becoming the new norm. If you're one of the many now working from home, you'll understand that office space is all-important to a productive day. You need a space away from distractions. We have a specialist product line for oak offices, but if you'd prefer to set up in a garden room, then you could easily convert the space into a dynamic hub for work.

  • Beauty salon

Having a home salon is appealing for many reasons. Flexible working hours. No travelling. No expensive rent. No transporting heavy equipment. It’s not only beneficial to you too. A garden room made up as a salon offers clients a luxurious, calming place to have treatment. Whether you’ve got an extensive client list or you enjoy hosting a nail bar party, a garden room will be your private salon for beauty therapy.

  • Home cinema

Imagine it, your very own private home cinema. A crystal clear HD TV, surround sound offering the full cinematic experience, recliner sofas. You could even hook up your Sky TV to watch the big match. Go the full hog and connect your games console and you've got a dream setup.

  • Memorabilia room

Got a collection of old football shirts in the loft? Maybe you've collected vintage wine through the years. Rather than gathering dust, enjoy what you’ve got and put your collectables on show in a garden room.

  • Guestroom

Using a garden room as a guest room makes sure both you and your visitors get privacy during their visit. With our online designer, not only can you adjust the size to fit the existing garden space. You can also decide what side the doors go on and increase the roof height. Once decorated to your liking, you'll create a homely environment. With solid oak frames in view, visiting friends and family will have a cosy space to themselves.

What are garden rooms used for?

In a nutshell, you can use a garden room for whatever you want. Whether a garden room attached to your house as an extension. Or, a garden room tucked away at the bottom of your garden away from prying eyes for your daily workout. Anyone with a home will enjoy the extra space and privacy of a garden room. What you use it for is up to you!

Are you thinking about what you'd do with a garden room? Head over to our garden room page and create your solid oak garden room now using our online designer. Sculpt the design bespoke to your every need and let your imagination run wild.